Department of Education


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The Department of Education was started in the academic year 2004-05. The department is presently offering M.Ed. (Regular), M.Ed. (Vacational) courses. The department is promoting Teaching, Research and Extension activities. The students are taught by innovative methods supporting by latest Technology to ensure quality education. Realizing the crying need of the day, department tried to teach the young, not only academic knowledge, but feed them with reams of information and more importantly has attempted to make them efficient and good citizens in the service of society through a number of co-curricular and extension activities.



Admission for Knowledge and Departure for Service -To enable students to become life-learners and leaders in Teacher Education who serve society for sustainable development


  • Empower Students to think Critically & Creatively about Teaching
  • Empower Students to think Critically about Learning
  • Empower Students to Research to meet the Challenges of contemporary society
  • Develop Students to become responsible citizen who can work for equal opportunities in Education and Democracy
  • Enable students to become leadersin Teacher Education


  • To provide platform for Students and faculty to develop research skills through organizing conferences, workshops, activities etc. on regular basis.
  • To give more emphasis on the practical oriented teaching and learning method and innovative practices.
  • To act as leader institution as one of the organizations working in Rural and Urban geography which offers the chance to the rural and urban student to take the benefits of professional education.
  • To enable to use of multimedia aids for daily Teaching.
  • To enable students to develop teaching skills and professional skills required for various academic and administrative post in the education sector.
  • To achieve excellence through Teacher Education

Student Feedback for Department of Education

For the Years 2013-18