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The department was established in June 2005. There are four faculty positions allotted , as of today there are two faculties are working one Professor and a Lecturer. Department offers two year M.Sc. Biotechnology course, including 16 theory and 16 practical courses. Department is equipped enough to run most of the important and advanced experiments at an ease. Department is proud to announce that students released from first two batches are doing excellent in field. All of the students are absorbed in different types of duties. Some have been indulged in conducting research under imminent supervision of natioan and international recognized scientists, some are in teaching, pharmaceutical, environmental, and fermentation industries. Major research focus of the department includes Medical Biotechnology, Agricultural biotechnology and on the concept of Environmental DNA. We are also interested in lingo-cellulose degradation by variety of micro-organism and thereby studying microbial biotechnology.

Vision & Mission

  • The department is planning to approach various funding agencies like University Grants Commission (UGC), state government of Maharashtra, MIDPetc for Special Assistance. The department is planning to organize series of workshops for the  teachers and students  of university and affiliated colleges with the help of funds from UGC, university to improve the  awareness about the prevailing trends in the field of biotechnology programmes.
  • Research activities in the department would be strengthened. To this end, the department is planning to emphasis on research activities with the support from the head of the university. The faculty members will undertake Minor/Major research projects with financial assistance from UGC, ICSSR and other funding agencies.
  • The departmental library will start functioning from next academic year and the department plans to subscribe the referred journals relevant to the subject. Audio-visual teaching aids and internet would be used liberally for class room instruction.