The Department of English was established in 2004 with the objectives to impart quality education to students belonging to rural areas. Dr. R. B. Chougule worked as the founder Head of the Department from Nov. 2005 to November 2008. Dr. Ramesh Chougule and Dr. G. D. Kokane were appointed as full time Lecturers in the Department. The credit to organise Seminar in this University Sub-campus, Osmanabad goes to Department of English. One state level and two National Level seminars were organised by the Department. The resource persons and distinguished Guest Lecturers visited to this Department include Dr. Mallikarjun Patil (Professor, Department of English, Karnataka University, Dharwaed), Dr. J. M. Waghmare (Vice-Chancellor, SRT Univeristy, Nanded), Dr. Chandrashekhar Jahagirdar (Professor, Department of English, Sivaji University, Kolhapur), Professor A. G. Khan, Professor Satish Deshpande, Professor Mabel Fernandes (Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad), Dr. Rangrao Bhongale (Professor, Department of English, Mumbai University). Dr. R. B. Chougule has completed two minor research Projects and One Major Research Project sponsored by UGC. Dr. R. B. Chougule has 21 research papers to his credit. He has also edited a book entitled Postmodern Narration. He is the sole author of Cyberpunk as a Science Fiction:

A Study of the Novels of William Gibson and Rudy Rucker. Dr. G. D. Kokane has five papers to his credit. The Department organises study tours to various universities. The Department has well equipped and furnished Language Laboratory. The use of Smart Board in the Department of English signifies that the department welcomes developments in technology.