Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Dear Readers,

We, the UNIC, University Network and Information Centre, welcomes the fascinating world of Technology which brings the world on the fingertips and in living room of an individuals.

In the current era, where technology is rapidly evolving, education has also taken the support of ICT and now offers convenient ways to help increase the knowledge, education and literacy status of students. E-learning platform provides anywhere, anytime easy access for upgradation of knowledge and skills. It provides a platform wherein the individual gets a customized package related to key thematic areas, through a self-guided process.

ICT inspired me to share my humble participation to witness the ‘Future Vision-2020’ with the vision sight especially smarter university administration, along with traditional and educational system. Our education systems are one of the great enduring achievements of the century. They were designed to prepare youngster for success in a growing industrial economy and they did their job well. But the 21st century services-and-knowledge-based economy has altered the panorama and it requires different skills and ways of learning.

The Institutions of Higher Education, particularly in India, are faced with the dual challenge of not only providing high quality education but also managing all aspects of a University in a way that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. Students want access to learning tools and a great experience, faculty needs academic support that enhances their classroom teaching and parents want their children to succeed academically as a restoration of their faith in an Institution.

If we honestly hope to help our youngster to achieve their potential and realize the potential of a smarter planet then University itself will have to get a lot smarter. UNIC is taking initiatives to provide the technology oriented with knowledge based services to the university stakeholders such as Secure High Speed Internet to the students and researchers, globally available rich content on the Internet clouds, Smart classrooms, web based software development as per need of administration, Development of university web site and web portal and many more The in-house developed Software’s we managed in university Data Centre, Virtual Classrooms be implemented soon which can help us to impart the quality education with rich content to the youngsters university from all parts of the university across the globe.