Internet Access

Campus Internet Access

Campus-wide network has been established and functioning from 2006. Internet Service set up has been established in the Department Of Computer Science And IT. This cell has taken active participation in the Establishment of Campus-wide Network and Internet Services at University's campus. At present, this cell is engaged in the Maintenance hardware and services viz. HTTP, Web, and Mail. As well as support to network users.

Campus-wide computer network of around nodes has been established in the Dr. B. A. M. University campus at Aurangabad. 18 building in the campus are connected using Fiber optic backbone. While departmental LANs (in-door connectivity) of switched 100 MBPS is on CAT-V UTP cable. Structured cabling system is adopted for better performance. 18 Network switches installed in the various departmental buildings. A layer-3 enterprise class switch with both fiber and copper ports is located at the Internet Center. The work of installation of campus wide network was awarded as a project to a Kerala based company. At present DAX servers at UNIC works as Primary DNS, Web, Mail and other server is configured as secondary DNS and Proxy server. E-mail/ Web surfing/download facilities are available to users community spread around the campus.