About UNIC

About University Network Information System

In the fast changing and competitive society, it is always important to keep one update and informed. So, to stay ahead in this age of Information and Communication Technology, it is very pertinent that receiving and transmitting information may not only be flowing but may be accessible to all the world community at large and to the student community in particular in their door steps. IT Facility's main aim is to support the University's learning, teaching, research and therefore to provide efficient and effective computer services. IT Facilities provide data network, access to the Internet, the electronic mail, printing and other central services such as providing technical input in purchasing of IT as part of the central services. PCs with access to Internet and e-mail for 7*24 hours, the Electronic mail and other computing facilities for all the working hours of the university, every day and the work is still in process.

UNIC has been established and functioning from 2006. The UNIC is a complete ISP setup with advance internet servers and firewalls. The primary focus of UNIC is to provide 24*7 secure internet facility to whole university where there are more than 1500 computers.

UNIC maintains the main website of the University and hosts websites of various Departments, Colleges and Centres of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University UNIC hosts various servers for providing various online services in the area of administration, admissions, examination, library, e-resources and email services and enabling research using campus agreements with state-of-the-art software providers.