Student Counseling


Student Councelling

The unique features of this centre are to provide various welfare services to the deserving and needy students. By means of guidance and counselling the students are provided with required information, clarifications and also helped to address their grievances so that they can pursue their studies without much of hassles.

Social work is a recent branch of knowledge which mainly adopts the philosophy of ‘helping a person to help himself’ – mainly the psycho-social problems. Counselling, an integral part of the social work helps in interpersonal communication in which feelings thoughts and attitudes are expressed, explored and clarified. Counselling is an active process of communication and dialogue between a trained professional and a client / Student community who present with problems related to their Personal, Academic, Social, and Financial.

Student's Aid Fund: The section helps poor and needy students in purchasing books, buying spectacles and also makes arrangements for their medical treatment.