Earn & Learn Scheme

General Information

Earn and Learn SchemeWith a view, to give to some extent, the financial help to Poor and needy post graduate students of various P.G. University Departments, who are desirous to undertake P.G. Education but are Depriving due to their poor conditions, the university has been Implementing for such Students 'Earn and Learn Scheme' since long, in the beginning this scheme was taken up with very limited scope of Funds as the university has started this Scheme on its own Financial resources. But during the period of time, there has been much expansion. This scheme took its shape especially after sanction of change of name of the university as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University.

The university prepared action plan to undertake deferent schemes/project. From out of this special grant, to make the Earn & Learn a self-sufficient scheme for the Future year's. The different activities & Projects are worked out and are being implemented very successfully with considerable financial income. Presently there are 417 Student's of P.G. and M.Phil., Ph.D. are working in the scheme among then 90 are girls. 40 Student's from M.Phil. and Ph.D. Drawing 1000 Rs. per month and helping us in office work in different sections of the University. The students working in Earn and Learn are drawing 20/- Rs. per day giving work time of two hours.

The following activities and projects are work out:
  • Horticulture Programme Under this program we have the 10 are farm of Mango, Guva, Jamul, and Tamarind. Recently we have increase the area for horticulture under the National Horticulture Board Program and cultivated Awla, custard Apple, Tamarind in 33 acre of area.
  • File Making & Screen Printing Centre: In 1994 University has established file Making Center after the sanction of special grant of 10 lakh by State Government in "Namvistar" package. In this center the training is given to students like making of pads, Files, Folders, Envelopes etc. These centers supply the required stationary to the different sections of University.
  • STD PCO & Xerox Center The University has started Xerox Center under the scheme in Feb.1927.This center is run through the students of Earn and Learn Scheme. Last year we have stared 3 more such centers in the campus for the students, university employees & others coming in the campus for their official works. The total income from STD, PCO in 2003-2004 was Rs.3,18,068/- and in 2012-13 is Rs. 3,20,018/-
  • Sericulture & Vermicompost Scheme: This Year we have started this unit by erecting two low cost shades to produce vermicompost Up to end of Nov.2005 we have Produce about 10 tons of vermicompost which was used in cultivation of horticulture program
  • The entries must be forwarded through Principal/ Head of the Institution
  • Maximum two entries in each of the following categories from college Categories.
  • Last date of registration FIVE days before the competition.
Late. Vasantrao Kale Earn & Learn Scheme : Earn and learn production unit
  • Humanities, Languages, Fine Arts, etc.
  • File Making (4 Types)
  • Envelopes (4 Types)
  • Open file tag folder
  • Phenyl making
  • Flower bouquets binding
  • Women entrepreneurship training & Development