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Youth Festival


The objective of the University Youth Festival is to provide our student youth an opportunity to be familiarize with the glorious cultural heritage of India. The meets are also intended to inculcate in them a spirit of adventure, co-operation, creation of excellence in the domain of art and culture and feelings of fraternity, patriotism, unity and brotherhood.

The festivals would open avenues for the budding artists of our colleges by providing them recognition and encouragement. Our young geniuses come to lime-light during the youth festivals As far as possible, students will be involved in the organization and management of the festival, to develop their organizational ability and leadership quality.


'Indradhanushya' is a state level youth festival that has been initiated at the behest of the Chancellor of the university. At this youth festival students interested and those who are talented in cultural activities like music, drama, elocution, dance, fine arts etc. are selected. The University sends a circular to all affiliated colleges/ institutes and then selection trials are held and a university team is selected keeping in mind the total number of participants who could be sent for the same. All funding in respect of the above is made from the university funds.

Central Youth Festival

The above is organized at par with the above activity Indradhanushya. The only difference is that this being a national level competition initially zonal competitions are conducted. Pune University has been grouped in the WestZone group. Winners at this competition are sent for the final inter zonal competition. All students who are winner / runners up or have got special mention are then felicitated by the university at the annual prize day. The university provides funds for the same.