Library BuildingMarathwada University inaugurated on 23rd August 1958 at auspicious hands of our first Prime Minister of India, late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Government of Bombay lent the two-storied building belonging to the middle school situated in Aurangpura (New Zilla Parishad) with its annexes. Until such time as the University is able to construct its own buildings on the University Campus. It was proposed to utilize the existing buildings for the office, for accommodating the University departments and library.

The functioning of the university library started in Dec., 1959 with the appointment of its first Librarian. Shri. N. A. Gore, a Sanskrit Scholar and Ideologist. Foundation stone of the library building was laid on 16th October 1960 by the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Yashwantraoji Chavan, it was inaugurated at the hands of President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan on 25th March 1966. In May 1966 Library shifted to its new building on University campus. The large collection of 45,000 books acquired from Raja Shamraj Rai Rajwant Bahadur, Hyderabad, in the year 1960.

U.G.C. sanctioned the scheme of opening study center in the city in the year 1970. From the year 1978 the study center was transferred to the library. Afterwards the University library had to close down the study center in the year 1988 due to technical difficulties. During the sixth plan period the UGC recommended the creation of the documentation section for the library and sanctioned two posts of professional assistants for the documentation work. Those post were duly filled in the year 1980.

In the year 1971 the library introduced reprographic service with the PAN-PRINT Advani over the LIN CON Xerox machine. However, PAN-PRINT machine was not a direct copier and it was time consuming, hence in the year 1985 library purchased canon plain paper copier in the year 1999 library purchased Lanier copier in the year 1-4-2005 library purchased canon copier. As per recommendations of the K. S. Deshpande (committee 1977), the library could get inter-com during the year 1990. On 14th Jan., 1994.

The Marathwada University was renamed as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. This has made possible effective communication within the library. Internet and E-mail services started from 2005. Facsimile service started from 2007 UGC and INFLIBNET have sanctioned INFONET Project to the Library. But, it was under control of Department of Computer Science.