Curriculum Related Objectives

Fine Art is very Dynamic Discipline. There is a lot of   addition  in the scope of fine  arts. It has very closest with other social sciences and sciences as well. The Department of Fine Arts recently revised and updated its (Credit base Grading   System) Syllabus and Implemented it from June 2011-12 & 2016-17 for all four semesters of  MFA  (Fine Art & Applied Art) The Department is committed to revise and update its Syllabus every Three years. The Department Introducing M.Phil, BFA Course in Painting, Sculpture &Applied Arts.

Research Objectives

  • 01.Improving the quality and utility of research done in the department.
  • Strengthening research software to all the faculty members
  • 03  Authoring reference books, research articles.
  • 04  Initiating collaborative inter – disciplinary research.

Student - focused  academic  objectives :

Increasing exposure to students through students exchange program with other University.We are planning to establish guidance centre for SET /NET Examination.

Introducing service Course :

This course will be useful for any social science post graduate who whishes to take up research as her / his career.

Organizing National/ International  workshops, seminars, conferences :

The Department of fine arts has planned to organize one national level seminar /workshop or conference every year during 2010-20

The department also wants to organize at least one such international event after every three years.

Infrastructure Development

The Department of Fine Art has plan to construct new Independent Bridling & by all Related books, Instrument & Equipments, other etc.  This expenditure will be met through departmental budget sanctioned by the university. Digitization of the   departmental Library.

Other Objectives

Making the alumni association more effective. Having rapport with the parents/ guardians regarding Academic progress of their wards.