About Department

About department

As the University proposes to establish school system for greater interdisciplinary among the various filed of inquiries. It is proposed to have composite building  plan  to accommodate  the present  as well as the future courses and other requirements related to visual studies including artist studios, computer labs, photographic  labs, digital, printing unit, library, digital  archives and regional documentation centre, theory class,   rooms, projector rooms, seminar hall, regular class,  studios , individual studios, for student and teachers , hobby  workshops, regular  rooms, exterior am phi theatre  etc.

The Department of fine Art of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University is the youngest department established on the University campus form the academic  year 2005-06.The department was opened with the sole aim to impart qualitative art education under the University system in the backward region of the Marathwada  of the Maharashtra state. One of the main concerns of the department is to Inculcate multiple visual thinking process among the art student who  pursue   post graduation in the fine art and to advocate visual culture in the artisan guild community in the region who laboriously carved the grate art historical world famous monuments of Ajanta and Ellora. Taking cue from this past tradition, it is imperative to have advance educational   department under the University education system.