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Research Related Articles

Mystic Magnetism in Art - Architecture and Art

Abstract: inspiration for the theme , subiect environment of an painting or a piece of art has always been a subject of criticism.The great artist have time to explained their inspiriron like salvador s' Dali used to get instincts from Monet an impressionist used to portray in their paintings.

Keywords: Art, Inspiration,Creativity.

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Mystic Magnetisrn in Art _ A study of Architectural Religious paintings

Bharat pingaler, Shirish Ambekar2, Tejas pingale

Abstract: Indian Wisdom has always extolled art as key to salvation of ultimate release sought by all good hindus. Holistic quality about indian art a unity of many forms and artistic experiences.Ithas been offer in the nature of religious architectural  structures with the sorrounding and supporting elements.

Keywords: Religious paintings,Nature,workship environment,Architecture.

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