Earn & Learn Scheme

With a view, to give to some extent, the financial help to Poor and needy post graduate students of various P.G. University Departments, who are desirous to undertake P.G. Education but are Depriving due to their poor conditions,

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National Youth Festival

national level competition initially zonal competitions are conducted. Pune University has been grouped in the WestZone group. Winners at this competition are sent for the final inter zonal competition.p>

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His Excellency, Governor of Maharashtra, Shri. S.M. Krishna has initiated a novel research project competition named Avishkar in the year 2006. This activity, unique in its nature,

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News & Announcements

Regarding Anti Ragging Awareness Mahautsav(View Details)

विद्यापीठ व्याख्यानमाला आयोजन करणेबाबत परिपत्रक-२०२४-२५(View Details)

महाविद्यालयीन पातळीवर चर्चासत्र ,परिषदा आयोजन करणेबाबत परिपत्रक-२०२४(View Details)

विविध कार्यशाळा आणि शिबिराचे आयोजन करणेबाबत परिपत्रक-२०२४ (View Details)

 Circular Regarding Maharashtra Din (01 May 2024) Flag Hoisting Ceremony (View Details)

 आपल्या विभागाच्या परीक्षा संदर्भात कळविणे बाबत (View Details)

भारतरत्न डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर जयंती उत्सव (दि. १३ व १४ एप्रिल २०२४) (परिपत्रक)   (कार्यक्रम पत्रिका) 

All University & College Hostel Fees Information by Hostel Development Committee(View Details) 

लोकसभा निवडणूक - २०२४ च्या अनुषंगाने स्वीप अंतर्गत जनजागृती करणे बाबत (View Details) 

इंद्रधनुष्य महोत्सव २०२४ (दि. ११-०३-२०२४ ते १५-०३-२०२४) (निमंत्रणपत्रिका) 

International Womens Day Program(Date:08-March-2024 at 11:00 a.m.)(Invitation Card)   (View Circular) 

पदवी व पदव्युत्तर शिक्षन घेत असलेल्या विद्यार्थ्याकरिता - मतदार मित्र आंतरवासिता (Intership) उपक्रम व त्या अन्तर्गत विद्यार्थ्याच्या निवडीचे निकष, अटी शर्ती आणि अंमलबजावणीबाबत (View Details) 

इंद्रधनुष्य महोत्सव २०२४ (दि. ११-०३-२०२४ ते १५-०३-२०२४) (View Details) 

विद्यार्थी तक्रार निवारण कक्ष परिपत्रक आणि नियमावली (View Details)



Students Development

About Student Development

Student welfare is an important component in the overall Management of student matters. To facilitate efficient provision of the welfare services, the unit has several sections such as Guidance and Counseling, Hostels and Accommodation , Youth Festival, Avishkar, Post- Graduate NSS activities, organizing university Programmes, Student’s election, Catering, games and Sports, warden ship, Security and health sections.

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