Scope of the Innotal Project

The INNOTAL project is Integrating Talent Development into Innovation Ecosystems in Higher Education.

It is implemented in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, Action - Capacity Building in Higher Education

The project started in November 2017

Involves 5 EU partners (4 of which are universities) from Bulgaria, Greece, Finland and the UK, and 10 Partner Country universities: 4 from India, 2 from the Philippines, 2 from Nepal and 2 from Sri Lanka.

Project Objectives

To support the uptake and mainstreaming of entrepreneurship education and innovation training in Partner Country universities and to promote the integration of talent development into research and innovation activities in collaboration with external stakeholders (enterprises, non-profits, public sector)

To create sustainable institutional structures and ICT tools enabling student co-creation in research and innovation and stakeholder co-creation in talent development

To build Partner Country universities’ capacities for delivering innovation and entrepreneurship training in view of building students’ employability skills




















Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

1. Talent Co-Creation Lab @ BAMU





Sustainability Plan of Talent Co-Creation Lab

It is a Sub-structure under Innovation, Incubation & Linkages of the University.

Existing manpower of the Incubation Centre and Directorate of International Relations will be utilized for the Administrative Assistance.

Tapping of Funds from various Government/Non-government Schemes, approaching for the industrial CSR Funds and University self-financing fund.

Moreover, Lab is a collaborative partner in the research outcome innovated under co-creation activities.

Impacts of Talent Co-Creation Lab Over BAMU

It is acting like a Central Point in the University territory for the regional development in the research and innovation.

It is now a conduit for linked up activities within the Research, Innovation, Incubation and Linkages of the University.

Acting as unique model for community centric development through University specially to address the socio-economic problems.

It is a role model for tapping funds from various Government/Non-government Schemes, industrial CSR Funds and strengthen University self-financing fund.

Activities Conducted at Talent Co-Creation Lab @ BAMU (View Event Photos & Details)

Events to be held at Co-Creation Lab in July-2021 (View Details)

Future events to be held at Co-Creation Lab (View Details)


Address: AIC-BAMU Foundation, Bajaj Incubation Center, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Jaisingpura, Aurangabad 431 004
Contact no. of Co-creation Lab: 91-240-2403221 extn.21

2. Student Community Service and Volunteering Center


Sustainability Plan of Student Volunteering Center

Sub-structure under Students Development and National Service Scheme (NSS).

Existing manpower of the National Service Scheme (NSS) and Students Development Directorates will be utilized for the Administrative Assistance (Project Assistant, Data Entry Operator, Accountant).

Tapping of Funds from various Government/Non-government Schemes.

Industrial CSR Funds.

University Self-Financing Fund.

Collaboration with the NGOs.

Impacts of Student Volunteering Center over BAMU

It is acting like a Sub-Structure under National Service Scheme (NSS) and Students Development Directorates of the University for the conduct of community-centric activities.

It is a conduit for linked up activities within the University and the unorganized region within its territory for community development.

It is focusing and cultivating the opportunities for rural, women, senior citizens, socially disadvantaged and specially-abled groups within the society.

It is enhancing the collaborations with regional NGOs, Industries for the overall development of the community.







Activities Conducted at Student Community Service & Volunteering Center @ BAMU
(View Event Photos & Details)

Student Volunteering Center in Pandemic 2020-21

Disaster Management Cell in collaboration with District Collector Office for rendering services to help handicapped, old aged and needy people.

Student Volunteers worked as Police Mitra (Friends of Police) for maintaining social distancing.

5000 masks, handgloves and sanitizers distributed in the community.

Training and practice sessions for cloth mask preparations.

COVID-19 Awareness E-book was published and hosted on the University Website.

Vaccination Camps at various adopted villages for the awareness of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Under UBA Arogya NSS has organized Covid Awarenss Camps for villages.

National Level COVID Awareness Poster and Video making competition was organized.

Centre has circulated online quizzes for gathering the information of Covid-19 patients statistics.

Distribution of food packets for old aged and handicapped people at various places during pandemic.

Future plans for Community Engagement (2021-22) (View Details)

Future plans for Community Engagement (2022-23) (View Details)