Course Offered

Courses Offered

Following Courses are offered in Women's Study Centre : M.A. (Women's Studies) and PG Certificate Course in Women's Studies .

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Activities & Events

We hold seminars and conferences on various issues related to women, gender and patriarchy. We invite renowned scholars and activists to speak and also call for papers from young scholars doing research in these areas.

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Click here to Apply Online for Orientation Programme- Refresher Course - Short Term Courses.We are also involved in organizing regional and multi-centric seminars in partnership with academic and community based institutions.

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News & Announcements

Research Advisory Committee (Women's Studies) Centre Meeting notice (20-08-2022) View Details

Lecture Series on GENDER DISCOURSE from (08-02-2021) to (18-02-2021) View Details

सावित्रीबाई फुले जयंतीनिमित्त राज्यस्तरीय ऑनलाइन वक्तृत्व स्पर्धा -दि. (०४-०१-२०२१) सकाळी १०:३० वा. View Details

Essay and Poster Competition by Tarabai Shinde Women Study Center (राज्यस्तरीय निबंध आणि पोस्टर्स (भित्तीपत्रक) स्पर्धा - ताराबाई शिंदे स्त्री अभ्यास केंद्र) (Last Date 11-01-2021)View Details

International Womens Day Program(09-March-2020) View Details

Interview Scheduled on 10-10-2019 for Research Fellowship 2019-20 of Womens Studies Center View Details

Circular for Research Fellowship 2019-20 of Womens Studies Center View Details

Syllabus for PG CET 2019-20 of MA (Womens Studies)View Details

National Seminar on 'Hindu Succession Act and Women' on 30-November-2018View Details

शैक्षणीक वर्ष २०१८-१९ संशोधन छात्रवृत्ती मुलाखत आयोजन सूचना (दि. १९/१०/१८ रोजी दु. १२ वाजता) View Details

शैक्षणीक वर्ष २०१८-१९ संशोधन छात्रवृत्ती जाहिरात परिपत्रक व अर्ज View Details


ताराबाई शिंदे अभ्यास केंद्र राज्यस्तरीय कार्यशाळा विषय : कामाच्या ठिकाणी महिलांचा होणारा लैंगिक छळ (१९-०३-१८) View Details

About Women's Study Centre

Women's Studies is an academic discipline that developed out of the need for the feminist movement to understand the facts, causes and consequences of women's secondary status in society. Since the 1980's the discipline has grown in depth and coverage, and feminist thinkers have engaged in theoretical debate with scholars in the different social sciences and humanities.

Importance of this subject in Marathwada

The Marathwada region in particular is characterized as socially and economically backward, but it is especially so in the area of gender. We observe a high percentage of child marriage in the case of girls, low female literacy, relatively high birth rates and a prevalence of patriarchal attitudes towards women

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