Dr. Nirmala Jadhav


Phone No. :(office) 0240-2403331
Email : director.wsc@bamu.ac.in


TS-WSC Director

Tarabai Shinde Women's Study Centre seeks to study questions of gender in an interdisciplinary and comparative framework, thereby providing the space for creating a vibrant community of feminist academics, students, activists and artists concerned with issues of gender, sexuality and wider issues of power in society. Women's Studies in India emerged out of the conjunction of such diverse forces as the women's and democratic struggles, as well as state initiatives that critically examined the status of women in the country. The past three decades have witnessed the influence of these trends within academia, leading to path breaking feminist research in different disciplines, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The growth of Women's Studies Centres/ Programmes in different Universities (and some autonomous research institutions), all over the country has demonstrated recognition of the issues that have been highlighted by the women's movement and feminist research over the past many years.