Our Vision & Mission


  • The organization aims to establish quality higher education in excellent from.
  • The research counted in school in relevant to local society, agriculture & industry as well as in the field of higher education.
  • Archaeology is a innovative field of research through out the world.
  • Marathwada having a many historical monuments symbolizing ancient civilization.
  • Preservation of these monuments for future generations is very sincerely, to protect our identity.
  • The School of Liberal Arts aims to establish it reputation as outstanding teaching & Training.


  • The school of Liberal has been established with a mission develop human resources based of liberal philosophy of education as evolved by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
  • The purpose of established of school of liberal arts is to develop manpower socially responsible & powerful enough to face the challenges of globalization.
  • Liberty, equality, fertility & social justice are organizational core value.
  • The School of Liberal Arts has developed unique & ideal syllabus for it courses.
  • The study of archaeology discovered culture & civilization of country.
  • Field discoveries in the Marathwada region. Reveals the rich culture of the region.
  • The study of archaeology promotes awareness in conservation, privations & restoration of heritage sites.
  • Archaeology discovers history & science of medieval age.

Core Values of the School

  • School cherishes scientific approach and critical reasoning in view to make historical knowledge objective and useful as it provides the ground to all kinds of selfhoods including nationality..
  • It is keen to cherish responsibility of undertaking training, extension and research in the field of history
  • School will develop innovative pedagogical approach and techniques which will suit outcome based learning
  • School will produce and impart critical knowledge of history through organizing seminars/conferences/ discussions/lectures and also by undertaking projects
  • School is keen to develop itself into advanced study center working on history of subalterns
  • School will develop resource Centre of history catering people and students by expanding Museum, Digital archives and Schoolal Library
  • School will develop courses having interdisciplinary and certificate and diploma courses in Archaeological studies, Ajanta-Ellora studies, studies in subaltern movements.
  • School will build partnership with National/International and Regional institution for training students and researchers for producing new knowledge of research.
  • School employs new research methods with different approaches like feminism, subaltern, environmentalist and anti-caste.
  • School is keen to develop the resources of research by collaborated efforts to bring different important sources to Schoolal library, housed in the School’s History Museum
  • School will facilitate and encourage researches in new fields by keeping focus on history of Deccan including historical transitions in Medieval and Modern period locating the history of subalterns