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One-Day Regional Workshop by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, organized a One-Day Regional Workshop on Orientation of Participating Institutes to initiate works in Adopted Villages Clusters under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan on February 01, 2020. The orientation saw registration of 124 PI Coordinators and was successfully organized.

Inauguration Program:

Inauguration of the program was started with the enlightening the Lamp and offering garland to the portraits of the Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr, Babasaheb Ambedkar by the auspicious hands of Dr. Pramod Yevle (Vice Chancellor, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad), Ms. Bharti Jasrotia (UBA NCI – IIT Delhi), Dr. R. Manoj Kumar (Joint Secretary, UGC-WRO, Pune), Sh. Rahul Gaikwad (Tahasildar, Aurangabad), Shri. Narhari Shivpure (Senate Member, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad), Dr. T.R.Patil (Director-RCI, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad), Ms. Amrapali Tribhuvan (Project Assistant, UBA-RCI Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University).



Online Lecture by Prof. Priyanka Kaushal (NCI-UBA, IIT Delhi)  

Dr. Priyanka Kaushal informed PI coordinators about the UBA program, its vision and aim. She said that UBA has started to grow the responsibility of colleges towards our community. Its vision is to develop technology in the villages and also to use the available technology for their development. She showed success stories of the Participating Institutes – UBA for the encouragement of the participants of this workshop. She encouraged the audience by saying that work until the District Collector and villagers assure that you are doing something for the village development. She also solved various queries and problems of the present coordinators.




In the introductory speech, Dr. T.R. Patil said that there are a number of problems before the participating institutes but all these problems teach new things. Along with the technical universities, non-technical universities have also joined UBA which helps in the development of the region.



The representative of the District Collector, Shri. Rahul Gaikwad told that while working with UBA we are trying to rise from the threshold to the sky. To fulfill the hunger of knowledge, UBA has taken the help of the Universities. He added that all students should work in the villages together to sort out the village problems and solve it to develop the villages.

Dr. R. Manoj Kumar, UGC Joint Secretary said that, UGC and UBA are partners and working in collaboration with each other. In social development, villages are far behind. Hence, to reduce this development gap between city and villages, the government has started this programme. The educational institutes should be relevant to the society and not just remain as degree providers.



The representative of NCI IIT Delhi Ms. Bharti Jasrotia in her guidance told that all the higher educated youths of the country are leaving the country and settling abroad. Thus, it is important to stop the migration of the youth because our country has more of these young minds. The government initiated this program with this view. The program was first started to only IITs and IIM and now it is open to all the higher educational institutes of India.



Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) Pramod Yewle thanked UBA for selecting Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad as a regional center for UBA. He proceeds that the condition of the villages in India is not so good, hence the youth of the villages are shifting in the city for work. If the villages are developed, then the youth will remain in their villages and in this way we can develop our villages. It would be possible only when we provide these young people opportunities to proceed in life in their native areas itself.

After this, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Project Assistant Ms. Amrapali Tribhuvan offered a vote of thanks for the inaugural program.

Session I Basic Skill and Technical Skill for Village Development

This technical session was run by Ms. Bharti Jasrotia.



She presented Framework of Action Plan for Participating InstituteFunding and Convergence Possibilities: CSR Support that can be leveraged for UBA and Demonstration of Web Portal and ERP System.

Session II Technical Skill for Village Development

After lunch break this session was conducted by Ms. Bharti Jasrotia on the topic Subject Expert Groups (SEGs): Submission of Proposal on Web Portal

Session II Technical Skill for Village Development

This session was conducted by Dr. Santosh Vyas (Director, Bajaj Incubation Centre, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad).

The selected PIs shared their experiences of their respective village clusters. In this session Dr. Ganesh Chadre, Dr. Surendar Wawle and Sh. Navnath Wakchaure also talked on their experience about the workshop.

In the question and answer interactive session, the participants asked their queries and problems to the experts and also received satisfactory solutions.

Closure Session:

In the closure session, a panel discussion was arranged. The chairperson of this discussion was Dr. R. Manoj Kumar, Shri. Narhari Shivpure and Dr. T.R .Patil. In the concluding remark Dr. R. Manoj Kumar said that RCI of this region is doing a good job under the supervision of the visionary and active coordinator. He proceeded that Ms. Bharti Jasrotia’s presentation was very fruitful for the PIs. He also thanked the Vice Chancellor of the University for his encouragement to the PIs and their respective coordinators. He concluded that the UBA work in this region is spreading fast and results are fruitful as well.



UNNAT BHARAT GRAM AAROGYA SERIES(उन्नत भारत ग्राम आरोग्य श्रृंखला )


RCI Name: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad ,MH
Date & Day: 21.06.2021 / Monday
Time: 3:00 pm to 4.30 pm
Language : Marathi
Expert Name &Designation(Doctors/Consultant/Speakers)

1) Dr. Anand Somavanshi (MBBS),Medical Officer,
Health Center,Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Auranagbad

2) Dr. Shivaji Bhojane (MBBS,Medical Officer,
Rural Hospital,Pachod, Auranagbad

Expert’s Bytes
  • Dr. Anand Somavanshi gives introduction of corona virus, and how it affects and preventive measure.

  • Dr. Shivaji Bhojane guided about covid test and vaccination. He also guided about wrong assumptions about covid-19 among people

 Questions & Answers session
  1. Does the Covid disease recur once it occurs?
  2. What are the safety measures for third covid phase?
  3. What to take care of after covid?
  4. The mother was in good health before getting vaccinated. How did she get infected later?
  5. What changes take place in the body after Covid-19?
  6. Does the get infected with the covid virus while travelling car with glass completely closed?
  7. Do corona misunderstandings lead to misunderstandings, fears, and depression?
  8. Which vaccine is good?
  9. Which type of mask to be use?
  10. Why heart attacked cased increase in covid-19?
  11. Why get covid infected after vaccination?
  12. What is green Mucormycosis?
  13. Is Mucormycosis affect after use of old oxygen cylinder?
  14. Is Covid test painful?
  15. Does covid infection is found in animal?
  16. I have come in contact with corona infected people many times but if my report is negative then I would have got corona
  17. Does overuse of remdesivir increased the risk of heart attack?
  18. It is being said in the media that the third phase of corona will affect children. If that was the case then children would have been affected by now but now it is being spread in the media because children want to be vaccinated.
  19. How many days after corona should be vaccinated?
  20. How many types of vaccines are available in India?
  21. How is the Sputnik vaccine experience?
  22. Does covid infected after vaccination? And so do I have to get vaccinated again? How many days after covid?


Number of participants & category

*The category details will be voluntary (eg: faculty, student, institute representatives, village community) During live programme it was 163.

You tube link: (

Glimpse of the session