Field Experiences


  1. Georai Kuber Villagers, Gram Panchayat Members students of Seven affiliated Colleges made CCT at 1 Beldara lake. Gram panchayat Members and other women of villagers contributed their time and worked with NSS Volunteers to make CCT Bhandara. Also Water reservoir widening work done in Georai Kuber. Removed slit from Beldara(1400 M3), Aamkhori(4270 M3), Pandari(5656 M3), Forest area lake(3430 M3) and Khoryacha Mala(1613 M3) these five water reservoir. Slit used to make soil fertile: 22 hector land has been benefited for agriculture purpose as Georai Kuber is surrounded by hills the has benefited the barren land of farmers for next three years. Beldara nalla, Pattikhora, Khora Nalla and Kodulmen Nalla widening also done. 1 Groundwater level will increase by 15,10,19000 liters for 123 wells.
  2. Three Bio Gas donated to Zilla Parishad School at Georai Kuber, Karodi and Chincholi, Bruduk village adopted under Unnat Bharat