Research Activity

The Marine Research Laboratory of this University Department at Ratnagiri, on west coast was established in 1970 under the PL-480 project of the office of Naval Research, Washington under the supervision of Prof. R. Nagabhushanam. This Research Laboratory was then continued under various funding agencies like DST, DOD, UGC, ICAR, etc. on a temporary basis under the supervision of DR. U.H. Mane, presently Director of the Marine Research Laboratory. Many research students and staff of the department have carried out research work for Ph.D. degree as well as for high level research. The most significant contributions on prawns, crabs, oysters, mussels, and clams, carried out on these species is widely recognized in India and abroad. About thirty research students have got Ph.D. degree, and currently six students are working for the degree in this Marine Research Laboratory on main areas of some toxicological aspects of the species belonging to Crustacea and Mollusca. In addition, a few research students have also worked on the helminth and protozoan parasites of edible fishes from Ratnagiri Coast. A few staff members also have carried out research on barnacles and polychaetes from Ratnagiri Coast. Many staff and research students of this department are being invited to present their research data at National and International conferences / symposia / seminars and also have contributed quantitatively. The research contribution in marine living invertebrates made by this department is far greater than other University department located on the west Coast of Maharashtra State.