About Department

About Department

About departmentThe Department caters the need for the students from rural and backward area of Marathwada and also for others; making them a very good asset for society. Being one of the oldest and biggest departments to be established right from inception of the University. It serves to inculcate social responsibilities and serve the society by not only becoming Teachers, Scientists, Zoologists but also as responsible citizens who bridge the gap between science and common man.The Department has linkages with many national and international Institutes, universities and centres of excellence in different disciplines in and outside the country. The Department was selected by the University Grants Commission under Special Assistance Programme in the thrust areas of Animals Physiology and Invertebrate Endocrinology. Special papers in Applied Parasitology were also introduced during this period.The Department was selected by the University Grants Commission under Special Assistance Programme, which is being continued under the Coordinatorship of Dr. U.H. Mane. Recently Department is recognized by DST under FIST programme. Simultaneously the research work in other areas viz., Entomology, Protozoology, Fishery Science and various aspects of Helminthology including Phyto nematology & Physiology was intensified. The system of rotation in the Headship was introduced and following were the Heads for respective duration from 1997 onwards after superannuation of Professor R. Nagabhushanam. In the department along with ore and specialized courses some service courses are also introduced by considering the present day’s need of local area.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)



University of Santiago Compostala Spain.

K.S.K.College, Beed

Warsaw University of Life science Warsaw,Poland

Arts ,Science And Commerce College, Tasgaon.

Ambo University West Shoa Ambo,Ethiopia


Ben Gurion University Of Negev ,Isreal


 Licoln University, New Zealand


 Limoges University, France.


Innovative practices of the department.

Induction of Meetings:

The fresher’s are accorded welcome at the beginning of each session to inculcate a sense of duty and responsibility in them. The Academic schedule, examination system, hostel facilities and rules and regulations of the university/department are explained to them.

For outgoing students there will be fare well programme and it will help them to carry bad and good memories of Department for their whole life.

Counseling Support

To take care of the emotional, moral and mental well being of our students, a counseling centre was set up. The counselor visits the college twice monthly and meets the students personally. Timely help advice and support is provided, which affords relief to the students from pressures that disturb them.

Project work:

Every student has to under gone the project work to learn the research techniques and also the scientific writings on their respective syllabi and the topic of their interest.

Teaching Staff Club:

It’s for a common get together every day in mid break time and exchanges idea on intellectuals and academic topics, other programmes for the teaching staff to develop a sense of unity and brotherliness. It will help to know the problems and to find out the solution at the Department level.   

Employment generating guidance and technical knowhow:

The teachers are engaged to teach to the students and inculcate the skills , among them which help them to earn by self employment.

Merit Scholarships, Awards and Prizes:

Scholarships from university, Awards, Medals and prizes etc. are awarded by various agencies and persons to deserving students.

  1. Highlight the participation of students and faculty in extension activities.

Students Participates in NSS and some of teachers are actively associated with community development activity like Sericulture, Apiculture, Fisheries Etc. Deliver lectures and participate in all activities.

Future plans of the department:

 (Long term)

  • Establishment of additional laboratory building.
  • Enrichment of Departmental library.
  • Construction of ladies and boys common room
  • Construction of Store and shed for two, four wheeler parking.
  • Promotion for international collaborative research projects.

 (Short term)

  • Sorting out the needs of our region and designing the research projects and submission of research proposals to different funding agencies.
  • Renovation and modernization of the present museum and cellar rooms.
  • Undertaking of the need based courses and innovative programmes.
  • Promotion to provide consultancy and laboratory services on hire basis and generation of funds.
  • Organize refresher course.
  • Transfer of scientific knowledge from laboratory to field and providing field training for the economic improvement of farmers and weaker sections of society.
  • Preparation of data base of research carried out in different disciplines.