Research Related Articles

Research Related Articles

ABSTRACT- Need of Creating Awareness amongst The Consumer (Dr. Satish Dandge)

After Second World War developed and developing countries have been started rapidly the socio economic development. All the countries are trying to fulfil the basic needs of people. Agricultural is basic need of people near about 80 percent developing countries people were depending on agriculture. But industrial developments was also essential for fulfil the needs of people and it is the backbone of the social development. Agricultural and Industrial production are main sources of economic development of the people. Both industries bring the marketing system. Owner, seller, consumer, etc. are main component of marketing. Peasants and consumers were exploiting in marking affairs. Nevertheless both the markets are essential for people to perches the production in democratic way. Agriculture as well as industrial production also important for (consumer) people to fulfil their basic needs, one thing is most important that  the consumer are not depend on industries but industries are depend on consumer. But the industries are forgotten these things and they were exploiting the consumer.In 21st century is one of the pivotal components in the stream of production and its consumption. It means in this age of competition consumers are the centre of focus.  More production in turn generates more employment which ultimately leads to economic welfare of the society.1 But All over the world, the consumers largely has been exploiting by a large number of restrictive and unfair trade practices. In the advanced countries consumers are conscious about their rights. But in developing countries particularly in Indian consumers are most unorganized, widely scatter therefore consumer has been highly exploiting by traders and producers. Indian consumers are facing a number of problems every day i.e. shortage of essential goods, undue price rise, poor quality of product, coupled with adulteration etc.

Present study is trying to focus all these aspects which growing rapidly in Indian context and focusing over the need and urgency of consumers awareness about their rights today respectively.(Dr. Satish Dandge)

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ABSTRACT - State Market Partnership: Management of Power Distribution Sector in Maharashtra State (India): A Study of GTL Franchise in Aurangabad City (Dr. M.C.Pawar)

The State Market Partnership is an old phenomenon popularized in the era of globalization. The world economy has shifted from the welfare economy to market economy because of state sectors not performing their role effectively, efficiently and economically which caused huge economic loss for the state. The developed countries in the world including America, England … was in search of finding a way which would reduce the economic loss to the state. They came to conclusion that state market partnership is one of the important alternatives to overcome this problem. The developed countries are expanding their arms in the under developed and developing countries by controlling the international organizations like WB, IMF and WTO, by introducing an idea of LPG through NPM. This research paper is an outcome of the study of state market partnership by taking a case study of GTL Franchise in Aurangabad City of Maharashtra State, India. Though, this paper is a combination of theory and practice, the major part of this study is based on empirical data by using quantitative and qualitative methods of research. This paper shows that state market partnership is not the remedy to provide the goods and services effectively & efficiently, but the democratic institutions especially at grass-root level should be geared up to tackle such issues.

(Dr. M.C.Pawar)

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(Dr. S.T.Shirsath)

Being a part of our social structure, tribal development is a mandatory function of government. In this manner,development of tribes through socio-political and economic empowerment is a crucial issue. These are major aspects in thefunctioning of local governance and administration. In fact, tribes were miles away from the development process.

So, there was a need of special efforts and administrative reforms on governmental level for their socio-economicdevelopment; hence the Government of India has adopted the inclusive pattern of development through the

73rd constitutional amendment, Panchayat Extension to the Scheduled Area Act, 1996 (PESA) and Administrative Reformsfor tribal development. It is appropriate to review such kind of administrative reforms and development process in thecontext of excluded tribes in India. The pattern of local governance has been accepted to bring these tribal in the current ofevery development. This present paper attempts to shed light on the condition of such excluded tribes and the pattern ofadministrative reforms by the Government of India. Moreover, the evaluation of these efforts is undertaken here.

KEYWORDS: Tribes, Local Governance, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI), Administrative Reforms

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ABSTRACT - Women Education for Empowerment and Development.

(Dr. PratibhaUnhale)

Women in India constitute about 52 percent of the population education of women is considered to be the most sensitive index of development.

Education is important for every individual in a nation. No country can bring a revolution in it unless its every citizen is educated enough to meet the challenges. Education holds the key to the all round development of one personality.

Women play a prominent role in cultural, political, religious and social life of the country. Educated women can play a very important role in the development of the country.

Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process ICPD Programme of action, paragraph.

Education is important for everyone, but it is especially significant for girls and women. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that, Education one man, you educate one person, but educate a women and you educate a whole civilization.

Education is potent tool in the emancipation and empowerment of women. The women of any country have a significant contribution in the progress of the country. It is the women who are capable of building such children who may lead the country to the path of progress and

Prosperity. Education women make the family and the society cultured.

(Dr. PratibhaUnhale)

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