About Department

About department

Public AdministrationThe Department of Public Administration was established as a separate department in the year 1991-92. It has made considerable progress and has got the distinction of being first independent department in Maharashtra. The department has succeeded in guiding at least 45 bright candidates to obtain Ph.D. degree; and over 120 students for M. Phil.The Department is credited with organizing seminars/conferences and refresher courses. The National level seminar on “Dynamics of Good Governance: Vision - 2020” (2011), & “Agricultural Crisis and Governance in India: Issues and Concerns” as well as International Conference on “Globalization and Public Administration: Pros & Cons”. These are the success of departmental activities and efforts towards the subject development.

The teachers held many important positions in Board of Studies of University as well as other Universities. They also associated with research and extension activities.

Since the formation of the department following teachers held the responsibility of headship:

  • Dr. P.M. Bora: May, 1992 to May, 1994
  • Dr. A. Y. Darshankar: May, 1994 to February, 1996
  • Dr. B. S. Waghmare :March, 1996 to December, 1997
  • Dr. P.M. Bora: December, 1997 to December,1999
  • Dr. N. N. Naik :December,1999 to April, 2006
  • Dr. M. C. Pawar: May, 2006 to May, 2009
  • Dr. Pratibha Patil : May, 2009 to May,2015
  • Dr. Satish Dandge: May, 2015 to till date.