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Sr.No. Authors Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Year Referred Journal
1 Vaishali Khaparde and Ramesh Sutar Evaluation of the Film Library of Films division in Digital Era: A Case Study Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management, Vol 4(2) December, 2010 -
2 Vaishali Khaparde E-journals in library and information science: A Bibliometric study. International journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.Vol 1(11) Special Issue August 2011 -
3 Vaishali Khaparde Use of Internet by Research Scholars of Social Science Departments of Dr.BabasahebAmbedkarMarathwada University, Aurangabad International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.Vol 1(10) August 2011 -
4 Vaishali Khaparde Pattern of information use by researchers in library and Information Science International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.Vol 1(12). September 2011 -
5 Vaishali Khaparde Use of Information by Library Science Professionals: A Bibliometric Stud British Journal of Humanities and SocialSciences.Vol 1(2) October, 2011 -

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