Our Vision & Mission


  • DLIS needs to play major role in preparation of professionals as information scientist/ Knowledge managers in Marathwada region at all levels.
  • Vision of DLIS is to increase its output from 22 to 200 by introducing various courses, which are skill job, oriented. Main thrust of DLIS is to introduce 6 year integrated PG course with credit & cafeteria system Objective of DLIS will be to design self financed UG courses, PG Diploma, certificate/ vocational courses based on new skills. The courses will be job oriented courses.
  • DLIS will provide consultancy services to school, college university, industrial or public libraries including Directorate of libraries as per their requirement. It would like to establish placement service for counseling  & campus employment
  • For students who are unable to attend regular classes, DLIS will introduce Distance Learning programmes.
  • DLIS plans to establish excellent research center in the area of information technology, Library automation, knowledge Management Scientometrics internet searching, e-learning etc 'It will have links with major DLIS as well as libraries in the world DLIS plans to increase output of Ph.D students in every year.


DLIS prepares professionals to exercise leadership in planning, implementing promoting the preservation, organization effective use of society’s recorded information & ideas.

Mission of the DLIS is two fold

  • To educate diverse cadre of students who have the foundational knowledge and competencies for developing as their career unfold, into formal & informal leaders in library & information environment & in the library & information profession in 21 st century.
  • To foster understanding of creation, organization, management, access use of knowledge information resources in libraries a multitude of settings & cultural communities.