Achievement of faculty:

Prof. R. M. Pai:
  • Floral anatomy and morphology of about 20 families of which work on Iridaceae was recognized world over.
  • V. Puri Gold Medal 1988.
  • Sectional president-Botnay-Indian Science Congress, 1992.
  • President, Indian Botanical Society, 1997.
  • Best teachers award, Govt. of Maharashtra, 1990.

Prof. S. T. Tilak:
  • Initiated work on aerobiology in India.
  • Invented Air Sampler for which awarded President of India award 1997.
  • 20 students awarded Ph.D., More than 50 articles and contributed in 3 books.
  • Best teacher award, Govt. of Maharashtra, 1988.

Prof. R. N. Joshi:
  • Initiated leaf protein work in India.
  • Vice President Indian Botanical Society. 1993.
  • Organized first international conference in 1982.
  • Guided 20 students for Ph. D. contributed in 4 books.
  • Visited various countries like U. S. A., Russia, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Canada, U. K., Ireland, Japan, Italy and Thailand.

Prof. L. V. Gangavane:
  • Worked on pesticides, biofertilisers is well recognized.
  • Produced 30 Ph. D. about 175 research articles, 7 books.
  • Recipient of M. S. Pawagi award.
  • Best teacher award, Govt. of Maharashtra, 2001.
  • Visited Netherlands, U. K., Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc.

Dr. V. N. Naik:
  • Renowned Angiosperms Taxonomist of India.
  • Completed flora of Marathwada.
  • Produced 15 Ph. D., 110 research articles and 6 books.
  • The book Taxonomy of Angiosperms by TMH (21 reprints) is widely used throughout the world.

Prof. A. B. Sapre:
  • Initiated cytology specialization in the department.
  • His work of Maydae-Coix is well appreciated.
  • Produced 8 Ph. D. & about 20 articles.
  • Visited Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, England.

Prof. V. S. Kothekar:
  • Worked on Mutation breeding
  • Completed about a dozen Research project on Mutation Breeding funded by BARC, Govt. of India etc.

Prof. Bharti Jadhav:
  • Worked on Green crop fractionation, Agronomic trials, Compost production from weeds.
  • Worked on Biogas production from weeds.

Prof. P. B. Papdiwal:
  • Worked on Bacteriology, Bacterial diseases of plants.
  • Worked on Forest pathology, Seed pathology, Phycology of Marathwada region.
  • Worked on Biodiversity of Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary.
  • Produced 13 Ph. D. scholars, 93 papers and 3 books.

Prof. Suniti S. Barve:
  • Worked on Chromosome compliments of genus Coix.
  • Worked on Chromosome abnormalities of tribe Maydeae.
  • Produced 8 Ph. D. scholars, 30 papers.

Prof. A. M. Chavan:
  • Worked on Fungal Pigments, Algal diversity, Seed pathology and fungal biotechnology, Mycology etc.
  • Produced 21 Ph. D. scholars, 125 papers and 8 books.

Prof. Arvind S. Dhabe:
  • Worked on taxonomy of genus Alysiarpus, Terminalia, Tephrosia
  • Working on revision of genus Terminalia from the world.
  • Worked on ecotype variation of Celasrus paniculatus from India.
  • Worked on exotic flowering plants of Maharashtra.
  • Working on Oenology; produced some innovative wines by Ayurvedic
  • Completed 4 Major Research Projects funded by UGC, DBT, RGSTC and DST.
  • Working on Bioprospecting and Anticancerous herbal drugs.
  • Working on inventorization of Medicinal plants of Yemen.
  • Expert on Medicinal plants and Ayurved.
  • Visited 22 countries and all the states and Union territories of India for    academic purpose.
  • Produced 10 Ph. D. scholars, 53 papers and 1 book.

Prof. Milind M. Sardesai:
  • Described 14 new species and  02 varieties
  • Worked and published Flora of Kolhapur district.
  • Worked on Flora of Gadchiroli district.
  •  Working on Genus Sida, Abutilo, Elaeocarpus
  • Produced 03 Ph. D scholars, 35 papers and 4 books.

Dr. N. B. Pandhure:
  • Working on propagation of threatened plants and medicinal plants through Tissue culture.
  • Produced 02 Ph. D. scholars,   papers and 04 books.

Major Achievements

  • Pioneer in leaf protein and aerobiology research in India.
  • One of the largest University Herbarium in the country with 1,00,000 Specimens and 57 type specimens.
  • Described about 57 new taxa from the region.
  • One of the largest University Botanical garden in 40 acres with about 800 species of which 210 are tree species.
  • Completed Mutation breeding of various crop plants.
  • Established as one of the strong anatomy schools.
  • COSIP-ULP Project: to upgrade teaching and research in colleges.
  • DRS-SAP Project: for the thrust areas (1) Plant Pathology and (2) Plant Physiology.
  • 16 minute documentary on the Leaf Protein Research of the Department by the Films Division, G. O. I. screened extensively nationally and internationally.
  • First International Conference hosted by the Department in the University in 19--.
  • Almost every year marks the organization of academic meetings, seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences etc.
  • R. M. Pai and Prof. L. V. Gangavane have been granted Professor Emeritus fellowship.
  • R. M. Pai, Prof. S. T. Tilak, Prof. L. V. Gangavane and Prof. D. S. Pokle are awarded Best Teacher Award by the State Government.
  • S. T. Tilak fabricated an air sampler for which the Invention Promotion Board, G. O. I. conferred an award presented by the His Excellency the President of India.
  • L.V. Gangawane received Pavgy Award for his outstanding research in Plant Pathology.
  • Research grant from International Foundation for Science, Sweden was received by Prof. A. M. Mungikar for research programme on green crop fractionation.
  • Mega research project of DBT of Rs. 66 Laks is received by Prof. Dileep Pokle and Prof. A. S. Dhabe.

Books written by faculty:

Prof. S. T. Tilak :
  1. Pollen and Fungal Spores (1989)

Dr. V. N. Naik:
  1. Flora of Osmanabad (1972)
  2. Key to the Families of Flowering Plants of Marathwada (1974).
  3. Angiosperm Taxonomy (1984), Tata McGraw Hill.
  4. Flora of Marathwada Vol. I & II (1998).
  5. Medicinal Plants (2005).
  6. Gazetteer of Maharashtra (2010) Govt. of Maharashtra

Prof. L. V. Gangawane:
  1. Diseases of Crop Plant in Maharashtra and their control (Marathi) (1976).
  2. Pesticides of Crop Plant in India (1985).
  3. Soil-Borne Plant Pathogens in India (1987).
  4. Jaivik Khate Tantradnyan (1992).
  5. Biofertilizer Technology Transfer (1992).
  6. Chemical Management of Plant Pathogens in Western India.

Prof. D. S. Mukadam:
  1. Illustrated Kingdom of Fungi
  2. Chemical management of Plant pathogens in western India, 1982, Gangavane L. V, Mukadam D. S., Papdiwal P. B. & Shinde S. R.

Prof. A. M. Mungikar:
  1. An introduction to Biometry, 1997, Saraswati Printing Press
  2. Intercropping Fodder Crops, 1999,
  3. Bibliography of Leaf Protein Research in Marathwada University, Jaihind Printing Press, Aurangabad
  4. Orchid Cultivation, 2006, Saraswati Printing Press
  5. Biostatistical Analysis, 2003,
  6. Plant Resource development, Edited, 2001.

Prof. P. B. Papdiwal:
  1. A Laboratory Course in Bacteriology, 1979
  2. Biotechniques, 1980
  3. Chemical management of Plant pathogens in western India, 1982, Gangavane L. V, Mukadam D. S., Papdiwal P. B. & Shinde S. R.

Prof. A. M. Chavan:
Prof. A. S. Dhabe:
  1. Exotic Flowering Plants of Maharashtra - I

Prof. M. M. Sardesai:
  1. Flora of Kolhapur District, Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  2. Key to the families of Flowering plants of Maharashtra

Dr. N. B. Pandhure
  1. Pathways in Botany-Diversity of Microbes and Cryptogams
  2. Pathways in Botany-Plant Ecology
  3. Pathways in Botany-Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  4. Environmental Studies