Research Groups

Research Groups

  • Plant Physiology: is mainly around nitrogen metabolism and organic productivity. The various aspects into which research in the latter field has branched off were agronomy, intercropping etc., and a dietary supplement in humans. These efforts were acclaimed and the Films Division, Govt. of India, Produced a 16-minute documentary on this research. The other areas around it are silage, DPJ utilization, green manures and compost. It has directed its attention to biotechnological aspects like enzyme immobilization and tissue culture studies.

  • Plant Pathology: It was initiated on Mycology and fungal enzymology, subsequently, research in soil microbiology, pesticide resistance, seed technology and pathology, aflatoxin, bacteriology microbial ecology and aerobiology are undertaken.

  • Cytogenetics: This section is engaged in the fundamental cytological aspects of some angiosperm taxa e. g. Aloineae and Maydeae, including aneuploids, apart from breeding work and mutagenesis. It has developed strains of legumes which may find their way in the market as a savoury vegetable and in tackling the problem of protein malnutrition existing in tribal.

  • Angiosperm Taxonomy: This section covers the discipline of floristics, biosystematics, cytotaxonomy; vegetative, floral and developmental anatomy, evolutionary floral morphology and biology Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry. Chemotaxonomy, Bioprospecting and Molecular taxonomy have been under taken recently.



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