A. Generic Objectives :

  • Commit to the core values constituted for the Centre
  • Obtain harmony on a project that defines the Centre’s involvement with the stake holders (students, faculties, individual and entrepreneurs) and develop a strategic plan containing convincing objectives to achieve the program mission.
  • Structure for financial sustainability by developing and implementing a realistic short term and long term business plan to ensure perennial sources of funding.
  • Recruit and appropriately compensate human resource capable of achieving the mission of the Centre and having the ability to help in overall growth of budding ideas, trainees and young entrepreneurs.
  • Develop an R & D facility, resources, methods and tools that contribute to the effective delivery of research assistance to clients and that address the sustainable developmental needs.
  • Develop stakeholder support, including a resource / mentor network that helps the researchers /clients and supports their mission and operations.
  • Maintain a management information system and collect statistics and other information necessary for ongoing program evaluation, thus improving a program’s effectiveness and allowing it to evolve with the needs of the clients

B. Strategic Objectives:

  • Motivation towards idea generation, product development and commercialization in the field of Sensors.
  • Creation of state-of-the-art facilities for encouraging and augmenting research.
  • Understanding the market niche for research design
  • Industry participation in demand analysis and product development.
  • Generation of awareness to protect development.