Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science



The department of computer Science is established in Model College during academic year 2015-16. The main motivation of department is to fulfil the knowledge bridge between Industries and academic via B.Sc(Honours). The Department is running the B.Sc (Honours) Computer Science course with the encapsulation of knowledge and commercial understanding.

The department vision is to increase the computer knowledge in students that can carry the confidence towards facing the current opportunities of technological era.
The department carries the flexible and logical ways for curriculum that can benefit students to touch the current knowledge of technology.
The Course will be completed based of the CBCS pattern of 180 credit and 3600 Marks.
The objective will be to design courses based on latest and most useful components of commerce sectors.
It will have a strong computer laboratory with facilities to design distributed knowledge oriented system towards industrial applications.

Career Opportunities Students entering the workforce with a degree in B.Sc Honors (Computer Science) will find many career opportunities in business, IT industry, government, and academia, and particularly in organizations with a science emphasis. These opportunities include traditional and emerging careers such as government sector, banking, finance, private companies, insurance company etc.


  • The vision of the department is to become centre of excellence in teaching and research and to produce industry ready computer professionals to meet the challenges of current era of technology.
  • The Computer Science Department will be a recognized leader in the education of the computing workforce, with a student population reflecting the richness and diversity of backgrounds and traditions.


  • The department is running the B.Sc (Honours) Computer Science course. The Mission of the Computer Science Department is to provide recognized education in the core, supportive and applied disciplines of computer science. The department is preparing our graduates for research, development, academic careers and software industry. The mission of the department is to groom our students with the quality of leadership skill, complex problem solvers and lifelong learners who will be able to create, share and apply their knowledge in multidisciplinary areas to earn benefit for the humanity. The department offers specific expertise in several research areas, such as signal processing, artificial intelligence, software engineering and programming languages, data mining, machine learning, human-computer interaction, high performance computing, and theory of computing.




B.Sc (Hon) Computer Science (First Year) (Second Year) (Third Year)




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1 Dr.Santosh Gaikwad
Qualification -M.Sc,Ph.D
Contact  : 8421585328


Assistant Professor - Prof Mane


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