About Department

About Department

To design programs for broad range of students through an easy understandable and effective method that enables them to integrate the knowledge into their normal thought processes.To design a futuristic curriculum involving classics physics topics along with introduction to the state – of – the art experimental techniques.

To equip the students with analysis capabilities and problem solving tools that can be effective to face the challenges of demanding economy in terms of training for competitive exam and guiding toward novel entrepreneurships.To train the students to do independent research by offering core physics courses, specialty option and hands – on involvement in advanced research programs that familiarize students with state – of – the art techniques and equipments.

Collaboration with other institutes

Teaching staff is having collaborations with the institutes like NSC, New Delhi, IUC-DAE, Indore, TIFR -Mumbai, BARC – Mumbai, DCEE- University of California, Riverside, USA, IPRI – University of Wollongong, Australia.