Facilities Available

Facilities for Classroom Teaching:

All the teaching classrooms are ICT equipped (computers with internet access and LCD projector) to modernize the teaching. This has helped a lot the visiting /guest teaching staff from institutions of international repute within the country and abroad.

Sc. Laboratory Facilities:

M. Sc. laboratories are equipped with gadgets like precision instruments (storage oscilloscopes, microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensor system, optoelectronics Kits, microwave benches, microwave components, high precision multimeters, power supplies, function generators, LASERs, counter-detectors for nuclear particles, multichannel analyzers, educational kits for measurement of electrical conductivity, specific heat, magnetic properties, photoconductivity, etc.), indigenously developed concept oriented experiments based on IC 741 and IC 555 as well as experiments developed by Nobel laureates to inculcate thrill, zeal and zest amongst young and bubbling students.

Facilities Created under various projects Grants (DST, CSIR, DRDO, UGC, BRNS etc):

Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, FTIR, several UV Vis Spectrophotometers, Clean room of Class 10000 with state-of-art facilities viz. E-beam evaporator, thermal evaporator, WEST BOND wire bonder, Ecopia Probe Station, CVD Machine,  Electrochemical Workstation (CH660C), Keithley SMU etc.); National MEMS Design Centre;  sputter coater system, vacuum evaporator; solar simulator; Time Domain Refractometer (TDR), Refractometer, indigenously developed   Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Machine and computer controlled  Dynamic Gas Sensing.

Facilities Created under DST- FIST Grant:

  • Solid state klystron with 2K25 power supply, klystron mount, Klystron probe, Variable attenuator and Detector (1N23 diode) (Make, Model)
  • Function Generator (Aplab Make Model 2014)
  • 0-300 V Power supply Tektronix make)
  • 0-30 V Power supply Tektronix make)
  • LCR Q meter (Aplab make Model 4910)
  • Programmable LCR Q meter (Aplab make Model 4910)
  • Hydraulic press (15 ton) with 25 mm circular and 25 mm square dies
  • Fiber optic kit with accessories
  • G M tube (type 14318), Aluminum Absorbers, Stainless steel, Gamma reference Standard
  • Microprocessor controlled High temperature (1400 C)furnace
  • Microcontroller trainer with LCD display
  • Advanced 8086 trainer and Interfacing cards ( ADC and DAC)
  • Stepper motor with controller cards ( embedded system, and PC based interfacing cards)
  • High field electromagnet
  • Gamma ray spectrometer system with accessories and PC
  • HR 2000/4000 high resolution spectrometer with accessories (Ocean Optics make, … model)
  • Lenovo 3000 series Desktop computers ( 08 number)
  • Epson LQ 1150 printer
  • HP Laser printer (model 1320)
  • UPS 3 kV with 48 V AH sealed batteries and Free deep discharge 4 batteries
  • Server : Prurient ML 110G

Department Laboratory

M. Sc. Laboratory

1.M. Sc. First Year

2. M. Sc. Second Year (Electronics)

3. M. Sc. Second Year ( Spectroscopy)

4. M. Sc. Second Year ( Nuclear Physics)

5.M. Sc. Second Year

( Solid State Physics / Condensed Matter Physics)

Details about Departmental Research laboratory

1.Thin Film and Nanotechnology Research  Laboratory

semiconductor materials,  Photo sensor, Gas Sensor applications, Photovoltaics

2. Sample Preparation and Material Research Laboratory

Magnetic Materials, Composite Materials

3. Mossbauer Research Laboratory  Magnetic Materials, Composite Materials

4. Magnetic Material Research laboratory

Magnetic Materials, Composite Materials

5.Thin Film Research Laboratory

Ferrite Material , Gas Sensor application

6. Dielectric Research Laboratory 

Microwaves Interaction with Matter, Time Domain Spectroscopy

7. Intelligent Material Research Laboratory (Nanoscale Material)

Synthesis and Characterization nanostructured materials for Sensors, NLO materials Crystals

8. Intelligent Material Research Laboratory (Sensor and Optoelectronics) Synthesis and Characterization nanostructured materials for Sensors, NLO materials Crystals

9. Intelligent Material Research Laboratory (Clean Room) Synthesis and Characterization nanostructured materials for Sensors, NLO materials Crystals

10. Intelligent Material Research Laboratory (Sophisticated Analytical Research Laboratory) Synthesis and Characterization nanostructured materials for Sensors, NLO materials Crystals

11. Microwaves and soil Physics

Microwaves and soil Physics

12. Spectroscopy and Fractals Research Laboratory

Spectroscopy, Gas Laser fabrication and dye lasers, High speed high voltage pulse techniques, Mathematical Physics, Liquid dielectric studies, Laser Spectroscopy, Awareness of Computer softwares (Mathamatica, MathCAD, MSOFFICE, FORTRAN 77,Turbo Basic, Visual Basic etc) , Python, IPython, C++, Scilab Other Interests: Mathematical Physics, Numerical Methods, Computer Interfacing

13. Advanced Material Research Laboratory

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Solar Cells

14. SDD

X-ray Spectroscopy (EXAFS and XANES), Condensed Matter Physics

15. Molecular Interaction Research Laboratory

Microwave Interaction with Matter, Time Domain Reflectometry, Dielectric Spectroscopy

16. Nuclear Physics Research Laboratory

Nuclear Physics, Gamma ray interaction studies of biomolecules