Research Related Articles

Research Related Articles:

Prof. (Dr.) Kirtiwant P. Ghadle: Most cited Research Papers

  1. Existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional neutral volterra-fredholm integro differential equations, Advances in the Theory of Nonlinear Analysis and its Application 4 (4), 321-331.

  2. Modified Adomian decomposition method for solving fuzzy Volterra-Fredholm integral equation, The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society, 53-69

  3. The approximate solutions of fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations by using analytical techniques, Probl. Anal. Issues Anal 7 (25), 41-58

  4. Some new existence, uniqueness and convergence results for fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations, Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics 5 (1), 58-69

  5.  Existence and uniqueness theorems for fractional Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations, International Journal of Applied Mathematics 31 (3), 333-348

Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Panchal

  1. On a comprehensive model of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) under Mittag-Leffler derivative   Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 135, 109867

  2. Fractional integro-differential equations involving ψ-Hilfer fractional derivative Adv. Appl. Math. Mech 11 (2), 338-359

  3. Fractional boundary value problem with ψ-Caputo fractional derivative Proceedings-Mathematical Sciences 129 (5), 65

  4. Fractal-fractional mathematical modeling and forecasting of new cases and deaths of COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks in India  Results in Physics 20,103702

  5. Existence and Ulam stability results of a coupled system for terminal value problems involving ψ-Hilfer fractional operator   Advances in Difference Equations 2020, 1-21

  6. Existence theory and numerical analysis of three species prey–predator model under Mittag-Leffler power law  , Advances in Difference Equations 2020, 1-16

  7. Ulam–Hyers–Mittag-Leffler stability for a ψ-Hilfer problem with fractional order and infinite delay Results in Applied Mathematics 7, 100115

  8. Existence and Ulam–Hyers–Mittag-Leffler stability results of  -Hilfer nonlocal Cauchy problem Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo Series 2 70 (1), 57-77

  9. Positive solution of a fractional differential equation with integral boundary conditions Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics 17 (3)

  10. Nonlinear implicit fractional differential equation involving-Caputo fractional derivative Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society 22 (3), 387-400.

Prof. (Dr.) D. B. Pachpatte

  1. Saeed, N.A., Pachpatte, D.B., Usage of the Fuzzy Adomian Decomposition Method for Solving Some Fuzzy Fractional Partial Differential Equations,  Advances in Fuzzy Systems, 2024, 8794634.

  2. Henok Desalegn Desta, Deepak B Pachpatte, Jebessa B Mijena, TadesseAbdi, Univariate and Multivariate Ostrowski-Type Inequalities Using Atangana–Baleanu Caputo Fractional Derivative, Axioms, 11(9), 482,

  3. Deepak B. Pachpatte, Juan J. Nieto, Properties of Certain Volterra type ABC Fractional integral equations, Advances in the Theory of Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications, 6(3), 2022.

  4. Deepak B. Pachpatte, Properties of some  -Hilfer fractional Fredholm type integrodifferential equations, Adv. Oper. Theory, 6(7), 2021.

  5. Deepak B. Pachpatte, On some Psi Caputo fractional like inequalities for functions of two and three variables, AIMS mathematics, 5(3): 2244-2260.(2020).  doi: 10.3934/math.2020148

  6.  Deepak B. Pachpatte, A Generalized Gronwall inequality for Caputo Fractional Dynamic delta operator, Progress in Fractional Differentation and Applications, 6(2), (2020), 129-136.

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  8. Deepak B. Pachpatte, Properties of certain iterated dynamic integrodifferential equation on time scales, Appl. Math. Comput., 346 (2019), 767-775.

Dr. P. N. Kamble :

  1. Shrigan M.G. and Kamble P.N., Fekete-Szego Problems for Certain Class of bi-Starlike functions involving q-differential Operator, Journal of Combinatorial  MAthematics and Combinatorial Computing, 112(2020), 65-73, ( Indexed in Scopus).

  2. Kamble P.N. and others, On Lamda-Pseudo q-bi-Starlike functions, Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 43(2) (2019), 751-758, ( Indexed in Scopus)

  3. Nazia Paerveen and P.N. Kamble. Decision – Making Problemsusing TOPSIS Method with Hexagonal Fuzzy Number, Advances in Intelligent System and Computing, Springer Nature,1025(2020), 431-430 (SCOPUS)

  4. Nazia Perveen and P.N. Kamble, An Extension of TOPSIS for group Decesion Making In Intuitionistic Fuzzy Envornment, Mathematical Foundation of Computing, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences 4(2021),67-71.(WOS)

Dr. A. D. Khandagale:

  1. Amol D. Khandagale, Ahmed A. Hamoud, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle, New Results On Nonlocal Fractional Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations, J. Math. Comput. Sci. 11 (2021), No. 5, 6193-6204,, ISSN: 1927-5307

  2. Amol D. Khandagale, Ahmed A. Hamoud, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle, Existence Of Solutions For Fractional Integro-Differential Equations Involving The Caputo Type Atangana-Baleanu Derivative, Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, Vol.12 No.14(2021), 613-620, e-ISSN 1309-4653

  3. bdulrahman A. Sharif, Maha M. Hamood , Amol D. Khandagale, Usage of the Fuzzy Laplace Transform Method for Solving One-Dimensional Fuzzy Integral Equations, EQUATIONS, DOI: 10.37394/232021.2022.2.6, E-ISSN: 2732-9976, Volume 2, 2022

  4. Vaijanath L. Chinchane, Asha B. Nale, Satish K. Panchal , Christophe Chesneau and Amol D. Khandagale, On Fractional Inequalities Using Generalized Proportional Hadamard Fractional Integral Operator, Axioms 2022, 11, 266,,  ISSN: 2075-1680

  5. hmed A. Hamoud, Amol D. Khandagale and Kirtiwant P. Ghadle, On Time Scales Fractional Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equation, Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity 12(3) (2023) 615-630, ISSN 2164-6376, eISSN 2164-6414, DOI:10.5890/DNC.2023.09.009

  6. Ahmed A. Hamoud, Amol D. Khandagale, Rasool Shah, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle, Some New Results on Hadamard Neutral Fractional Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations, Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity 12(4) (2023) 893-903, ISSN 2164-6376, eISSN 2164-6414, DOI:10.5890/DNC.2023.12.013

  7. Sachin K. Magar, Ahmed A. Hamoud, Amol D. Khandagale, Kirtiwant P. Ghadle, Generalized Shehu Transform to Ψ-Hilfer-PrabhakarFractional Derivative and its Regularized Version, Advances in the Theory of Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications 6 (2022) No. 3, 364_379,