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About Department

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The Department of Mathematics was established in 1960, It became known world over due to significant contributions of its eminent faculty members and their research scholars. The main impetus in this direction was given by the eminent Mathematician Late Prof. V. Lakshmikantham in his stay during 1964-66. Some of the researchers of this department have occupied high positions and respect in India and abroad due to their fundamental researches.

Dr. G. S. Ladde, Dr. S. Leela and Prof. S. G. Deo worked in Differential equations. Late Prof. B. G. Pachpatte, Ex-Head of this Department became world famous Mathematician through his significant contributions. Dr. V. K. Deshpande (Wisconsin) did fundamental work in Algebra, which was acknowledged world over through his long papers in ring theory. Prof. D. Y. Kasture worked in Appliied Mathematics and Late Prof. G. R. Shendge in Differential equations. Late Dr. K. Anjaneyulu (London) was the first faculty member with Ph. D. from abroad. Late Prof. B. R. Bhonsale worked on integral transforms and special functions. He became Vice-Chancellor of this University. Prof. N. K. Thakare, introduced research in Special functions, Lattice Theory and Rings with Involution.

The Department offers the following courses

  • M. A. /M. Sc. (Mathematics)
  • M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics)
  • M. Phil (Mathematics)
  • Ph. D

The Department provides 06 optional papers. For M. Sc. Courses. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is implemented as per the UGC guidelines. The Outcome Based Education(O.B.E.) is adopted from the Academic Year 2017-18.Admission is through entrance examination.

The present faculty members have done substantial research in their respective fields and induced some research scholars to take up further research work for their Ph.D. The main specializations for research of the current faculty are:



Sr.   No.    Name Specialization
1 Dr. S.K.Panchal Generalized Integral Transformations, Fractional differential equations
2 Dr. K.P.Ghadle Thermoelasticity, Operations Research
3 Dr. P. N. Kamble Fuzzy Mathematics, Complex Analysis
4 Dr. D.B.Pachpatte Differential and Integral Equations and Inequalities
5 Mr. Amol Khandagale Integral Transformations, Fractional calculus