Our Vision & Mission


  • All the scholars and teachers who are associated with the department are working hard to achieve excellence in their respective area of study.
  • Foster partnerships and relationships in various communities to advance the University’s global initiatives and to prepare students to be informed global citizens.
  • Engage our diverse student population to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become global citizens.
  • Respond nimbly to rapidly changing demographics and demands for language learning
  • Empower students to acquire attitudes, values, and skills that enhance cross – cultural communications.


  • The Department of Foreign language aims at transforming the foreign language learners into the rational human beings with an inquisitive and argumentative bent of mind through literary, theoretical and linguistic teaching.
  • The Department is committed to start full time courses in all the foreign languages i.e. Chinese, German, French and Russian. Now we are going to add Japanese in the list.