Scholarship given for the said course:-
Merit Scholarship etc.
Eligible Students get GOI Scholarship and Merit Scholarship

Facility for son I daughter! ward of Secondary Teacher (S.S.T.)

Candidates who are son / daughter / ward of Secondary Teachers & seeking the tuition fees facility should submit their application to the concerned departments. The forms should be carefully filled should be complete in all respect.

Facility for son [daughter] ward of Ex-serviceman I Freedom Fighter

Candidates who are son / daughter / ward of Ex-serviceman I Freedom fighter and seeking the tuition fees facility should submit their application signed with the seal of District Ex-serviceman Welfare Board to concerned department. The forms should be carefully filled in and complete in all respect. Application for BBC. facility must be submitted before the last date in the ooncemed departments. Applications received after the last date will not be entertained.

Schedule of application procedure for candidates of E.B.C., P.S.T., S.S.T. and Ex- Serviceman will be communicated to Departments through circular by P.G. section EBC, PST, SST. facility for non granted courses is subject to decision of GovemmentAuthority.

Scholarship Govt. of India Scholarship (G.O.I.)

The Government of Indian (G.O.|.) gives scholarships for students belonging to the reserved categories. Online application form in properformat and supported by following documents must be submitted to Post-Graduate Section (Admission Unit) before the last date. The applications received after the last date will not be entertained in any condition. AADHAR CARD No. is compulsory for Scholarship holder students. Management Quota Students are not eligible for GOl and Freeship Scholarship (Ex. MBA. MCA. B.Tech. Students of Management Quota are not eligible forthis facility.)

A.New scholarship application form with passport size photograph of the student must be duly signed by the competent authority.

B.Application for scholarship forms must be submitted with attested copies of following documents.

  • Transfer Certificate (Photocopy of original T.C.)
  • Caste Certificate
  • Income Certificate of the father/guardian (original) (issued by the Executive Magistrate)
  • Attested Copy of Death Certificate in case of death of the father.
  • March Salary Certificate of parents in case of service.
  • Photocopy of Mark Memo.
  • Certificate from hostel in case of student staying at hostel.
  • Income Certificate of the husband must be given in case of married gin student.
  • District change certificate must be given in case of student coming from other district.
  • Incase of Duplicate T.C. no concession! scholarship will be given. Such students will have to pay full fees.
  • Scholarship will be issued to the students who have fulfilled 75% attendance.
  • Income of the guardian of the student should be less than limit declared by Govt. time to time.
  • Caste of the student (Schedule caste, Schedule Tribe. Nomadic and De notified Tribe. Other Backward Special Backward Categories) must be included in the list as per the govt. policy for reservation.
  • Students or parents of students belonging to Erstwhile Schedule Caste who have later converted to Buddhist religion (Buddhism) are entitled for obtaining scholarship.
  • Candidates applied for the vocational courses can obtain scholarship eitherthey passed or failed in the course (Degree/ Diploma) from Arts. Commerce and Science faculty. But such students can not further change their course.
  • Candidate who have once accepted scholarship for vocational course are not allowed to get scholarship for the next vocational course.
  • Candidates working in the full time job are not eligible for scholarship. But the candidate learning on leave without salary will be eligible for scholarship.
  • Scholarship will not be given to more than two children in the same family. (This condition is not applicable in case of girls) (Third will not get the scholarship.) (Exception If Second child is as twins or more than two consider as one unit.)
  • Candidate should fill new application form for scholarship in case of his/ her first admission. Second year candidates do process as per directed by Social Welfare office. New application form should be filled in case of any gap.
Important notes about scholarships /Fellowships
  • Exam appearance is for GOI. Freeship. EBC, PST, SST, Ex-Serviceman, Freedom fighter and other scholarship facility holder. Otherwise student must have to pay total tuition fees.
  • Scholarship facility is not for Certificate, Diploma courses.
  • In some scholarships' Tuition Fees is not transfer to university /college account. Student must have to pay their tuition fees. (for ex. Minority Scholarship, Handicapped Scholarship etc.)
About Other Scholarships:

1.Vidyavetan Facility:

  • Application form should be submitted in P.G. Section Within the period of 15 days after completion of admission. Govt. Hostel Certificate is necessary to fulfill this form.
  • This facility is only for SC. ST. DNT students who had completed their admission for professional Courses ST Students must attached attested caste validity certificate with scholarship form and if Student is living in hostel then he must furnish Hostel Certificate.

2.Important Note about Scholarship:

  • Candidate is not eligible for GOI, EBC. PST, SST, Freedom fighter or any governmental scholarship. if he/she does not attend exam, and will have to pay full fees.
  • Governmental Scholarship is not given for Diploma/ Certificate Courses.

3.Other Scholarships:

Candidates of University campus can get following scholarships by Govt. of Maharashtra and University as stated below:

4.Eklavya Scholarship:

This Scholarship will be given to the candidate who has secured 60% marks in Degree Exams in Art Faculty and 70 % Marks in Science Faculty Degree Examination. After submitting application form in proper format, Eklavya Scholarship will be approved by the Director of Higher Education. Govt. of Maharashtra. Pune. The Annual Income of the parents of an applicant must be prescribed by Government.

5.University Merit Scholarship:

After completing the admission procedure of the University Scholarship will be granted to the applied candidates ranking 1st and 2nd as per merit in each subject. Three candidates of M.Phil. can get this Scholarship as per merit list in each subject.

6.Post Matriculation Scholarship:

Post Matriculation Scholarship for students 'belonging to Minority communities. The students belonging to the Minority communities (Muslim, Parshi. Shikh. Christian, Buddha, Jain learning in the university.


7.Scholarship for Non-Hindi Language Speakers:

Non-Hindi Language speakers, who are doing study in Hindi language, could submit their applications in proper format for Scholarship for Non-Hindi language speakers. Scholarship for Non-Hindi Language speakers will be given to four candidates only.


The scholarship holders of any kind are supposed to abide the following rules:


  • Candidate will get only one scholarship at a time. Legal action will be taken against a candidate accepting two scholarships at a time. Student must furnish form in Hindi Department.
  • It is mandatory to submit the application form for scholarship within the stipulated time.
  • The amount of scholarship will be given only after its approval and acceptance of the amount of scholarship by the University.