Our Vision & Mission


The age of globalization has put forward many challenges not only for the human beings, but also for literature and performing arts. In this context it is necessary to redesign the curriculum as per the need. In this era of globalization, it is obligatory for every artiste to constantly prove himself.

The department of dramatics came into existence in 1973. Since then, it has proved to be an important branch of education and training in drama. It has directly or indirectly played an important role into the existence of many institutions of drama in Maharashtra as well as outside the state. It has also been an inspiration to many departments of Dramatics.

According to the curriculum, the department has always laid more emphasis on practical. Along with the theoretical studies, the student are also trained through various workshops. The department is proud of its students who have created their own identify in the field of entertainment.

  • Redesign curriculum and delivery practices in performing arts.
  • The internationally recognized department of education and training in drama.
  • To promote professional plays and development of feature films.
  • To develop the demo-film studio.


  • Development of infrastructure
  • Reaching out locality and globally
  • Creative input and modern technology
  • International exchange of arts and culture
  • Preservation, documentation and research in folk theatre traditions.
  • To offer certificate, Bachelor, Post-graduate and research programmes in Dramatics.
  • To develop the students and research work for Reaching out locality and globally
  • To provide Creative input and modern technology