Research Related Articles

Research related articles

Sr.No. Title of the Research paper Publication, Date, Year and volume
1 Developing India’s Unique Automotive Market Bostan U.S.A., Harward University, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, U.S.A.,26-30 May-2013, PP-215-224
2 E-Commerce and Management Practices in India London (U.K.)- Oxford University-And American International Journal of social science, U.S.A. June -2013
3 Buyers behavior and marketing trends in Europe and Indian Market: A comparative analysis Spain Lugo, University of Santiago de, Compostela- 9 June- 09 July-2014
4 The rise of the emerging economics: towards functioning agricultural markets and trade relations Germany, Goethe Universitat Frankfard and LAMO, Leibniz institute of Agricultural Development in transition Economies,Halley, Germany- 25-27 June-2014
5 American society of business and behavioral sciences Paris, France- ASBBS, 17th International conference on Arts and Sciences, American International society, June-20-22, 2014

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