Programs Offered

The choice based credit system has been adopted by this Centre. This provides flexibility to make the system more responsive to the changing needs of our students, the professionals and society. It gives greater freedom to students to determine their own pace of study. The credit based system also facilitates the transfer of credits.

  • B.Voc. (Industrial Automation)
  • B.Voc. (Automobile)
  • M.Voc.(Industrial Automation)
  • M.Voc. (Automobile Technology)

Credit - to - Contact Hour Mapping

  • One Credit would mean equivalent of 15 periods of 60 minutes each for theory lecture.
  • For lab course/ workshops/internship/field work/project, the credit weightage for equivalent hours shall be 50% that for lectures /workshop
  • For self- learning, based on e-content or otherwise, the credit weightage for equivalent hours of study should be 50% or less of that for lectures/workshops.