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If Marathawada is a land of saints, it is also the land of revolt. In this region, every man use to observe keenly, the activities which are taking place in the society. And the same revolt was deeply rooted in the body of the senior leader of Marathawada whose name was Late. Balasaheb Pawar. When we talk about Marathawada we are always reminded of four to five leaders especially and in these names, Balasaheb Pawar's name comes on the top. On seeing the aggression of Balasaheb and his minute observation, one used to feel it a weird chemistry. Most of the years of his age, went in the struggle for Marathawada whether that struggle was academic, or social or a political one in order to get the post of Chief Minister. In short, another name of struggle was... Balasaheb Pawar. He never cared for any obstacle that came in his way while struggling for his aims. He used to speak very clearly about the development of Marathawada. His contribution was immense in the fields of cooperation, agriculture and irrigation. Various movements such as Marathawada Vikas Andolan, Marathawada Vidyapeeth namantar andolan, railway broad-gauge movement became inspirational for many people due to the effective leadership of Balasaheb. Balasaheb always used to speak clearly about his stands whether they were accepted or unaccepted by others. His particularity about clear expression of his stands proved more problematic to him rather than giving him benefits.