Post Graduate Section

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University offers under graduate and post graduate degrees in more than 52 departments and institutes housed on and off campus. Please refer to the admissions section and contact each department individually for their specific requirements.

Hierarchy of Post Graduate Section

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Various Scholarships

1. Grant in aid to Backward Class Students  Statement A
2. Dexina Fellowships
3. Scholarships to children of Political suffers
4. National Merit Scholarships
5. Freeship to student belonging to EBC
6. Facilities of children of Primary & Secondary School Teachers
7. Free Education to the Children of Jawan & Ex-Servicemen
8. GOI
10. Rajarshri Shaju Maharaj Scholarship
11. Panjabrao Deshmukh Scholarship for Hosteller Students (Open)
12. Scholarship to the Physical Handicapped
13. Eklavya Aarthik Sahayya Govt. of Maharashtra Scholarship
14. Indira Gandhi One Child GOI
15. Ahindi Bhashik
16. Matrik Scholarship (Alpasankhank)

List of Courses 2018-2019


Bachelor Degree Course-

(1) Bachelor of Arts (International Journalism & Mass Communication),  (2) Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication & Journalism,  (3) Bachelor of Arts in Music,  (4) Bachelor of Arts(Dance),  (5) Bachelor of Dramatics (Bridge Course),  (6) Bachelor of Fine Arts (Bridge Course),  (7) Bachelor of Performing Arts,  (8) Bachelor of Printing Technology,  (9) Bachelor of Technology (Food Technology),  (10) Bachelor of Vocational Science (B.Voc.),  (11) Diploma in Business Management 

Master Course-

(1) Master in Life Long and Extention,  (2) Master of Archeology,  (3) Master of Arts in Economics,  (4) Master of Arts in English,  (5) Master of Arts in Geography,  (6) Master of Arts in Hindi,  (7) Master of Arts in History,  (8) Master of Arts in Marathi,  (9) Master of Arts in Mass Communication,  (10) Master of Arts in Music,  (11) Master of Arts  in Pail & Buddhism,  (12) Master of Arts in Political Science, (13) Master of Arts in Public Administration,  (14) Master of Arts in Psychology,  (15) Master of Arts in Sanskrit,  (16) Master of Arts in Sociology,  (17) Master of Arts in Urdu,  (18) Master  of Arts in Women Studies,  (19) Master of Thoughts of Mahatma Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar,  (20) Master of Tourism Administration (M.T.A.),  (21) Master of Vocational Science (M.Voc.),  (22) Master of Yoga,  (23) Masters of Performing Arts (M.P.A.),  (24) Master of Business Administration,  (25) Master of Business Administration (International  Business),  (26) Master of Commerce,  (27) Master Of Computer Application(M.C.A),  (28) Master of Education,  (29) Master of Education (Physical Education),  (30) Master of Fine Arts, (31) Master of Fine Arts (By Research),  (32) Master of Law(LL.M),  (33) Master of Liberal Arts,  (34) Master of Library and Information Science,  (35) Master of Rural Studies (M.R.S.)  Rural Technology,  (36) Master of Rural Studies (M.R.S.) Consevation of Biodiversity,  (37) Master of Rural Studies (M.R.S.) Economics, Banking and Industry, (38) Master of Rural Studies (M.R.S.) Rural Develpmnet and Research (Socio-Cultural and Political aspect),  (39) Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, (40) Master of Science in Computer,  (41) Master of Science in Electronics,  (42) Master of Science (Environment Science),  (43) Master of Science in Nano Technology,  (44) Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry,  (45) Master of Science in Biochemistry,  (46) Master of Science in Botany,  (47) Master of Science in Chemistry,  (48) Master of Science in Information Technology,  (49) Master of Science in Mathematics,  (50) Master of Science in Physics,  (51) Master of Science in Statistics,  (52) Master of Science in Zoology,  (53) Master of Technology in Chemical Technology,  (54) Master of Technology in Computer Science And Engineering.

M.Phil. Degree Course-

(1) Master of Philosophy (Commerce),  (2) Master of Philosophy (Library & Information Science),  (3) Master of Philosophy (Mass communication and journalism),  (4) Master of Philosophy in Computer Science,  (5) Master of Philosophy in Economics,  (6) Master of Philosophy in Education,  (7) Master of Philosophy in English,  (8) Master of Philosophy in Hindi,  (9) Master of Philosophy in History,  (10) Master of Philosophy in Marathi,  (11) Master of Philosophy in Mathematics,  (12) Master of Philosophy in Political Science,  (13) Master of Philosophy in Public Administration,  (14) Master of Philosophy in Sociology,  (15) Master of Philosophy (Management),  (16) Master of Philosophy in Pali and Buddhism,  (17) Master of Philosophy in Physical Education,  (18) Master of Philosophy in Urdu