Scope and Benefits of Science and Technology Park

Scope and Benefits

  • Science and Technology Park will bring the awareness in scientific and technological concepts involved in our day-to-day life and also act as resource for modern industries and instrument for providing technology intervention through interactive models. These models will be educative as well as entertaining, so that young minds can be inspired and to be attracted towards science and technology
  • Science and Technology Park will be an important source for entrepreneurship, talent and economic competitiveness. It will have an elements of the infrastructure supporting the growth of today’s global knowledge economy.
  • It will also provide location in which university, society and private companies will cooperate and collaborate. It will create environments that will foster collaborations and innovation. In future it is likely to enhance the development, transfer and commercialization of technology.
  • Science and technology park will provide a new model in which the university to take a part in broader activities, offerings, industries to develop interactive models to demonstrate scientific and technological concepts involved in their respective industries. Key features of these mixed use developments include space and future awareness regarding their needs.