Patents- National and International

Professor B.A. Chopade,

National & International Patents
1 Acinetobacter as a novel plant growth promoting rhizobacteria from wheat. United States Patent (2008) 7341868
2 Bioemulsifier production by Acinetobacter spp from healthy human skin and has great importance in medicine
United States Patent (2004) 0138429
1 Ghosh, S., More, P., Jagtap, S., Chopade, B. A. (2013). Synthesis of novel copper nanoparticles with alpha amylase inhibitory activity by Dioscorea bulbifera tuber extract.
Indian Patent (Filed) 3971/MUM/2013
2 Ghosh, S., Jagtap, S., More, P., Chopade, B. A. (2013) A process for synthesis of bimetallic AucoreAgshell nanoparticles by tuber extract of a medicinal plant called Dioscorea bulbifera.
Indian Patent (Filed) 3973/MUM/2013
3 Salunke, G., Ghosh, S., Chopade, B. A. (2014) Innovative process for synthesizing Au/Ag bimetallic nanoparticles synthesized from Plumbago zeylanica.
Indian Patent (Filed) 5/MUM/2014
4 Wadhwani S., Shedbalkar U., Singh R., Chopade BA. (2013) An improved method for synthesis of novel polyhedral gold nanoparticles using Acinetobacter sp.
Patent application number 3450/MUM2013
5 Professor Balu Ananda Chopade, Suchitra Vishal Mokashi (2013) Process for the preparation of syrup from Neera, a sweet sap obtained from palm tree particularly Phoenix sylvestris
Application no- 2262/MUM2013 Date of filing – 04/07/2013 Publication date – 19/07/2013
6 Professor Balu Ananda Chopade, Dr. Dhanaji Suryakant Gond, Samiksha Khade, Snehal Balu Chopade. A process for rapid biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using seed extract of syzygium cumin a medical plant. Application no – 1663/MUM/2014
Date of filing – 16/5/2014 Publication date – 30/5/2014
7 Professor Balu Ananda Chopade, Dr. Dhanaji Suryakant Gond, Snehal Balu Chopade. A rapid method for green synthesis of silver nanoparticles by using leaf extract of Barleria priorities.
Application no – 2063/MUM/2014 Date of filing – 26/06/2014 Publication date – 18/07/2014