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About department

SociologyOver the years the department has grown large in terms of physical development, expansion of faculty and brining out PhD and M.Phil students. At present there are ten faculty members and three non-teaching staff in the department. So far till date 65 Ph.D. doctoral theses and 139 M.Phil dissertations have been completed in the department. This presents a rich variety of research in the various branches/fields of Sociology, i.e., caste and tribal studies, rural development, regional disparity, population related issues and so on. Department has introduced the semester system for M.A. course during the academic year 2005-06. The M.A. part I and part II syllabus was revised and introduced w.e.f. June 2005. The syllabus revision took place in accordance with the model Curriculum Development Report of the UGC.Academic flexibility has been given by the university to the P.G. departments from June 2007 under the academic flexibility programme. The semester system was introduced since 2007 based on 60:40 pattern. Again in June 2008 semester system based on 60:40 pattern along with continuous internal evaluation is introduced. During the academic year 2008-09 department has revised the syllabus of M.A. course. All the faculty members were actively involved in the syllabus revision programme. Under the present frame each post-graduate semester is having two courses compulsory and two are elective/optional.