By Teacher:


  • Received ‘Dronachary’ award for best teacher by Lions Club of Aurangabad ,Mid Town in 2008.
  • Best Teacher Award by Department of Education ,Dr.Babasaheb Amabedkar Marathawada University, Aurangabad. 2013


12 PhD students are awarded by UGC national research fellowship-

Sr. Research fellow Name of fellowship Year 
1 Rajkumarsingh Ahire RGNRF 2013
2 Amrapali Jogdand RGNRF 2013
3 Vinod Pawar RGNRF 2013
4 Meera Waghmare RGNRF 2016
5 Amruta Chakre RGNRF 2015
6 Joyti Jadhav RGNRF 2016
7 Sunanda Rupekar RGNRF 2015
8 Anjali Pandit RGNRF 2015
9 Amardip Ambhore RGNRF 2016
10 Azhar Patel MANRF 2016
11 Shamim Shaikh MANRF 2013
12 Samina Ahemad MANRF 2016


Sr. Name of Student Exam Year of Passing
1 Rakhunde.M.K SET 2008
2 Amardip Ambhore NET 2012
3 Rajkumarsing Bhagwan Ahire NET 2014
4 Santosh Gavad SET 2016
5 Dandge Varsha SET 2016
6 Anil Taur SET 2016


Various Programs Organized by Department of Psychology During 2016-17:

  1. Wel-come program was arranged on 12 august 2016.Dr.Banglure madam was chief guest for this program. She guided  student and describe the importance of psychology subject in everyday life.
  2. Personality testing program was organized on Dr.Babasaheb Ambadkar Marathwada University “OPEN DAY” which held on 22 and 23 august 2017.
  3. On 31/08/2016 psychology department organized guest lecture on neurological and biological basis of disorder. Dr. Bodkhe delivered the lecture and give valuable information about neurological and biological reasons behind different types of mental disorder.
  4. On 2/09/2016 psychology department organized guest lecture on biological approach Dr. Pathak deliver lecture on biological approach of psychology.
  5. On 13/09/2016 psychology department organized guest lecture on research method and basic statistic .Dr. Gahirao deliver lecture on research methodology and basis statistics.
  6. Psychology department celebrated “MENTAL HEALTH WEEK” during 17 to 22 October 2016 .on this occasion various programs were conducted,
  7. On 23/01/2017 psychology department organized workshop on cognitive behavior therapy. Dr.Prathibha Nila delivers lecture on cognitive behavior therapy and give information about CBT to students.
  8. 06/02/2017 Dr. Amruta  Magar delivers lecture on humanistic approach and their importance.
  9. 11/02/2017 psychology department organized guest lecture on children cognitive development. Smeeta Ahire madam explained how children develop their cognition and which factors affect on cognitive development.
  10. 18/02/2017 2017 psychology department organized workshop on transactional anylases by Dr.Monali Deshpande.
  11. 20/02/2017 Amrpali Jogdand deliver lecture on psychological testing she explain information about various types of psychological test and it use.
  12. 25/02/2017 during 25 to 27 February psychology department organized psychological testing and counseling program for 10th std students. Under this program psychological assessment and counseling were provided to 200 students.
  13. On 27th and 28th  February at Aurangabad municipal corporation (AMC) psychology department organized two day workshop for students on stress management .explaining how to manage exam stress was the main purpose of the workshop .almost 150 students took benefit from this workshop.
  14. 5th march 2017 psychology department conduct workshop on face exam with smile program under this segment how to prepare for exam, importance of time management at the time of exam were discussed.
  15. 2th may 2017 on the occasion of Dr. Babasaheb Ambadkar birth anniversary   dept. of psychology conduct Essay competition.