About Department

About department

Department of Pali and Buddhism was started in Dr.B.A.M.University in 1973.It was started from 1962 in Milind College , Aurangabad. The area where the University is located is named as "Nagsenvana", which has a historical value. Nagsen was a clever Bhadanta and King Milind was his disciple. Both were famous in "Pali" literature.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was well learned, scholar and a rationalist. Specially he was interested in "Pali" literature. He deliberately gave name "Milind" to his college in Aurangabad and the area is known as Nagsenvana. He strongly desired that "Pali and Buddhism should be taught in the schools and colleges.Another thing is that during the time of Lord Buddha, in Southern part of Maharashtra, there was a monestry of Bawari Brahmin at "Pratishtana", on the bank of Godavari river. Bawari and his sixteen disciples went to North for Buddha's Darshana and they returned back to Pratishtana. Now there should be research place at Pratishtana. Thirdly , Aurangabad is famous for caves, viz Ellora and Ajanta and most of the caves are at the time of Buddha and they are known as Buddha's caves. These caves attract the attention of scholars and students who are interested in "Buddhism". Pali is an ancient language and is helpful to read the old script.