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University Department of Management Science (UDMS) The Marathwada University was established on 23rd August 1958. It was renamed in 1994 as Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarMarathwada University. The University campus is spread over an area of 720 acres embraced by lush green mountain ranges, interspersed with gardens and ancient and medieval historical monuments, balancing traditional and modern changes. The university has a strength of 4730 on the campus and 1,25,000 students from 404 affiliated colleges covering from all over India as well as world that focus primarily on high teaching standards research both for the faculty and students. The university ceaselessly adopts new methods of improving courses and programs.

The University Campus is located at Aurangabad around 350 Kms from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra state. The campus offers top quality facilities and services for teaching, learning, research as well as extra-curricular activities like cultural and physical activities. The subcampus at Osmanabad is around 250 kms from Aurangabad and is closer to rural students caters to their needs for higher education in professional subjects. The centre for Costal and Marine Bio-diversity a satellite campus at Ratnagiri is engaged in marine research. The centre also disseminates potential fishing zone (PFZ) information to the local fisherman through digital display board in collaboration with INCOIS (Hyderabad) besides offering training to local people in Scuba diving and snorkeling. The model college at Ghansawangi offers educational programs based on modern technology and job oriented value oriented subjects.
The university has picked up six distinctive core commitments that mould our singular status in higher education in the region. These core vows are guiding spirit behind our activities.