About Department

About Department

The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad looks forwards to strengthen the regional academic fabric with by growing its research and education delivery enterprise through the Department of Electronics.Addressing the long pending demand of the students of this region for a dedicated Master’s program in Electronics in the University Campus, the M.Sc Electronics program has been introduced from the academic year 2016-17.

In this department, you will find an unparalleled, student-centered collaborative curriculum that address the critical need for innovative and creative individuals for the cutting -edge economy of today and tomorrow. Through a meticulously brainstormed choice based curricula, option has been kept open for students to choose their course from a diversified advance level subjects that lead them to opt for either research based stream or industry oriented subjects.

We take the opportunity to present a cluster of post graduate laboratories that are equipped with state of the art equipments to enable training right from advance level to discrete electronics to critical industry demanded subjects like robotics, industrial networking and flexible automated production.

The department has been purposely kept co-existent in a single premise with ‘RUSA-Centre for Advance Sensor Technology’ a premier global research institute established by Government of Maharashtra, with aim that students are introduced to horizontal level research atmosphere and tools, right from the beginning of their training. Thereby, students have full opportunity to utilize high end sophisticated equipments for their endeavors, that are otherwise only dream for many.

A young, enthusiastic and dedicated pool of faculty and research fellows are vowed to take a bend from conventional ideas towards a highly time deserving teaching learning modality.

Please take the time to look at our program and research opportunities. Welcome to the tranquility of nature creating the best possible ambience of learning, at the campus of University.

On behalf of the DOE, thank you for visiting.

Professor Mahendra D. Shirsat

Ph.D (Physics), PDF (UCR, USA), NIH Fellow (USA), Visiting Scientist

(Wollongong University, Australia), MCA (Eng. & Tech.)

Head, DoE