Our Vision & Mission


  • To spared Indian Culture with Dance Universally.
  • To create awareness in Indian Artist to become a good Artist

Aurangabad is a historic city as well as land of saint. In historic period also we find the seed of culture. In fort of deogiri in the period of king yadava(1427) SHARANG DEV wrote SANGEET RATNAKAR which is still a land mark book used to students of music and dance. In our university in 1973 Dept. of Drama is established. At present by starting music and Dance department performance Art faculty is completed.

The roll of department of dance has now more and additional responsibility to protect the cultural background of marathwada region. Through proper and systematic study department of dance will proceed further. No doubt dance department is a part –n- parcle of performing arts will create dancing panorama at broad level. The department of dance will be the seed center for not only marathwada region but at international level too. Department of dance is dreaming that every folk art, folk dance and all Indian classical dances will be studied in the shelter of department. Through research and documentation and with practical experience all dancing art will kept for study purpose to the budding artist. Department of dance will be key study center for all dancing art as well as information center of all dancing art.

Department of dance should be the answer for the entire dance lover artist. The stage of the department will be open stage to all from rural to international level artist. Dissertation and projects are the main source of documentation. So in other words Department of Dance will be the mirror of dance gesture. Department of dance will keep dance tradition and dance and dance culture always alive. To create interest in dance and protect them is natural part of process. All sort of academic education in the key field of dance will be area of this department of dance. Department of dance has kept word sky is the limit for attaining at most ANAND through dance.