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National Academic Depository

National Academic Depository (NAD) is an initiative of Government of India, facilitated by MHRD. NAD is a national database set up to hold academic awards issued by Academic Institutions (AI) in an electronic form.

Salient Features of NAD:

  • Operate in fully online mode

  • Allow lodging of academic awards in digital format, maintaining the integrity of access to the database and of the awards lodged in the database

  • Allow Students to retrieve their lodged academic awards at any time

  • Allow Employers and other persons (with prior approval of the concerned Student) to verify the authenticity of any academic award.

  • Maintain the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the databases

NAD Benefits:

  • Institutional intervention to strengthen Academic Award notification and dissemination.

  • Enhances efficiency in providing services to NAD Stakeholders.

  • Attempts to eliminate undesirable practices such as corruption, manipulation of records, etc. and brings in transparency.

  • Eliminates fake/forged certificates.

  • Helps in Policy formulation with accurate MIS/Analytics.

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